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Around the world, governments have got the message – we have to stop doing things that harm the planet.

People think what really matters is what governments do, and that what one person does won’t make any difference.

At Shrewsbury Friends of the Earth we agree that getting government policy right is vital.. We also know that what each person does, added together, is what makes the huge difference.

The first Shrewsbury recycling guide was produced by us in 1988, and it has expanded in information ever since.  Mostly annually, thanks to more and more local people, enterprises, organisations and supporters getting involved in trying to protect our environment. In 2010, our Guide won the Friends of the Earth Earthsavers award.

So we hope this new website will give useful information to Shrewsbury individuals and households, on how to live a greener lifestyle, about local organisations and businesses whose products are more environmentally sound, and who have adopted sustainable ways of operating.

Inclusion in this guide

If you wish to appear on this website, contact editor Judy Coleridge - info@shrewsburygreenguide.org.uk  or 01743 364157.   (2017)


With grateful thanks to Shrewsbury Friends of the Earth members, especially Sue Fisher and Mike Richardson,  the Shropshire Wildlife Trust, the Sustainability Department of Shropshire Council, James Thompson - S.C. Waste Prevention Officer, and Brighton & Hove Green Pages www.brightongreenpages.org  and the Funders -  the Awards for All Lottery Fund.

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