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Carbon Trust

Energy saving and carbon reduction issues. Includes information on financial help available to organisations and businesses.

Close the Door

Run a brilliant campaign to put a stop to heating pavements and wasting heat simply by persuading shops to close their doors! The Carbon Trust says 54% of heat from a store is wasted, by going out of the door. Research says that customers are prepared to open doors into shops, and that closed doors have a minimum impact on sales!

Credibly Green

Environmental consultants specialising in Energy, Waste and Environmental Management.

They will help you to ascertain where improvements and efficiencies can be made, ensuring that your business is successfully operating for the ‘greater good’ with the aim of also providing savings in the delivery of your own core services.

55a Unit 2
High Street,
01746 552423

Environment Analyst

A market intelligence for environmental consultants, executives and investors.

Forum for the Future

Works with  businesses & organisations, in sectors that are critical to the change needed now

Global Action Plan

Delivering tangible environmental, social & financial improvements

Green Achiever

The Green Achiever scheme offers environmental accreditation to businesses from the UK that wish to boost their green credentials and reduce their environmental impact.

Groundwork West Midlands

Groundwork Environmental Business Services provides practical support, advice and training to companies on environmental business issues,  management systems, integrated pollution prevention & control, and environmental law!

0121 5305500

Smart Pension

Although primarily directed at the new pensions laws and enrolling employees in schemes, the web site has a guide to making a business green(er).