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Office greeting cards
Don’t send Xmas cards within your office, or to customers and suppliers. Instead, donate to a charity or ask the local Severn Hospice (T: 01743 354450 W: to send you their big card that everyone signs with a donations box, or add a line at the end of December letters and emails to explain you are making a corporate donation to Severn Hospice.

Drivers of company cars lose up to 11 days a year stuck in traffic! Companies could do more to encourage employees to make better travel choices or take advantage of environmentally friendly alternatives, such as car pools, public transport, or allowing people to work from home.
Daily Telegraph Article in Feb 2012, Although working from home is already routinely used across a range of businesses, the pilot conducted by O2 in February is claimed to be the largest single day when staff who would normally work in an office were compelled to work from home. Studies show that young workers increasingly regard working from home a 'right' rather than a privilege.
Of 3,000 Slough workers, just 125 “mission critical” people worked from their desks as normal. The remaining staff saved a collective £9,000 in reduced commuting costs, while 14 per cent said they saw more of their families and 36 per cent said they were more productive than when at work.
An additional 1,000 hours, time otherwise spent commuting, was spent working. Workers said they spent a further 1,000 extra hours sleeping and otherwise relaxing.

Organise less site visits, and consider video conferencing to avoid unnecessary travel

Biologic Design

Purify wastewater, create ecosystems and wildlife habitats, and plant biomass.

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Guide to Electric Cars

A link to very useful web pages produced by Exchange and Mart.

Just Credit Union Ltd.


Community Bank for Shropshire – check on the website
Not for profit, members only, ethical & local financial co-operative. Open to any resident or worker in Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin. Save small or large amounts. Loans at affordable rates on a flexible repayment basis. Current accounts, ATM use and direct debit payments.

1A Castle Gates

Smart Pension

Although primarily directed at the new pensions laws and enrolling employees in schemes, the web site has a guide to making a business green(er).