insulation and draught proofing

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Our homes lose the heat we put in alarmingly quickly, through inadequately insulated roofs, walls and floors, and leaky doors and windows. Loft insulation should be at least 300mm thick; adding insulation to walls is sometimes less easy. But simple draught-proofing materials can be found in any DIY store.
The key action is to insulate wherever, and whenever, and as well as, you can.
Draughty letter boxes are silent energy wasters. For total resistance, try an Ecoflap, see

Kevothermal Ltd

A Brimfield, Shropshire based company that manufactures vacuum formed high tech insulation panels, especially useful where space is critical.

(Used to be know as Nanopore)

01584 711333

Nigel's Eco store

Stocks Double Sausage Draft excluders, great for internal doors,

-Nigel's Eco store has many other wonderful energy saving products

Thermablock Aerogel

Thin highly effective insulation but quite expensive, great for window reveals and dormer windows


sheepswool insulation

Local agents: - Travis Perkins, Builders Merchants