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It’s not all that easy to work out how to improve the buildings around us.  It’s not as glamorous as building shiny new eco-homes.

But upgrading and refurbishing is what we have to do make our houses more efficient to run, as energy bills remorselessly rise.

If you are buying a new house, don't rely on the minimum standards, try and have it upgraded by the builder.

Association for Environment Conscious Building

(AECB) National member led organisation to promote greener building

Campaigning and educating in all aspects of greener building.


Offer a CarbonLiteRefit online course for those working in the retrofit sector.

PO Box 32,
0845 456 9773

Pavatex, wood fibre insulation boards

Claus Best and James Smith have experience of fitting these.

Thermablock Aerogel

Thin highly effective insulation but quite expensive, great for window reveals and dormer windows

Zero Carbon House

Balsall Heath, a truly inspiring retrofit plus extension, regularly open as part of the superhomes network, well worth the trip,