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Simple, cheap things are often overlooked, but can make a big difference.

Draft proofing - simple and cheap

Extra loft insulation, the total should be at least 300mm thick

Using secondary acrylic glazing - light, cheap, looks good and can give good results. Buy the sheets online or from local DIY stores cut to size. Fix it with magnetic tape so it can be easily removed for cleaning or storage.

Draughty letter boxes are silent energy wasters. For total resistance, try an Ecoflap, see

Sound principle for low energy retrofit :

 - try and map out, with drawings, sketches, written lists of work,  a strategy for the whole house retrofit ( even if you never have the money or opportunity to carry it out)
 - the strategy will help you carry out work in a useful order, and avoid doing work that may need to be re-done to later improve energy efficiency
 - e.g. roof needs re-slating; an obvious time to easily improve the insulation levels and air tightness of the roof construction
- a solid floor needs replacing ; take the chance to put a useful amount of insulation below the new concrete slab
- walls need plastering etc. ; take opportunity to add internal insulation
- boiler needs replacing ; get a new efficient boiler