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Association for Environment Conscious Building

(AECB) National member led organisation to promote greener building

Campaigning and educating in all aspects of greener building.


Offer a CarbonLiteRefit online course for those working in the retrofit sector.


PO Box 32,
0845 456 9773

Campaign for Dark-Skies

This offshoot of the British Astronomical Association says an extra 567,000 tonnes of C02 are pumped into the atmosphere annually by inefficient and sometimes unnecessary street lighting (as on motorways).

Climate KiC Innovation review

Brings together professionals, entrepreneurs and students interested in how the challenges of climate change are being turned into opportunities, the latest news and inspiration.

Close the Door

Run a brilliant campaign to put a stop to heating pavements and wasting heat simply by persuading shops to close their doors! The Carbon Trust says 54% of heat from a store is wasted, by going out of the door. Research says that customers are prepared to open doors into shops, and that closed doors have a minimum impact on sales!

Historic England

Protects and promotes historic buildings.

Used to be called English Heritage.

0870 3331181

National Wildflower Centre

Charitable and educational promoter of wildflower habitats.

Sadly, as of November 2016, this charity ceased business.

We have left the link up as there was some hope that parts of the charity could be saved.

0151 738 1913

Natural England

The government’s advisor on the natural environment, providing practical advice, grounded in science, on how best to safeguard England’s natural wealth for the benefit of everyone.

Parkside Court
Hall Park Way
0300 0606000

Oswestry and District friends of the earth

Campaigning group allied to friends of the earth.

See their facebook page.  Contact Jonjo Evans at oswestryfoe@gmail.com  or  Sophie Hughes, tel 07525 457193.


Works to protect wild plants.

14, Rollestone St
01722 342730

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

– places to see birds in shropshire. Count your garden birds in their annual Big Garden Birdwatch survey. 

Yes to Life, No to Mining

Those communities who wish to say No to mining should be able to. This movement is of and for them, in recognition that when we say no to mining, we stand in solidarity with the planet, with precious ecosystems and with the future generations of all species. Join us by showing your support…