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Campaign and Community groups in Shrewsbury

EGG – Ecumenical Green Group

National group with a Shrewsbury branch

Green Doors

Energy smart homes near you. Get practical, impartial advice.

Organised by Transition Town Shrewsbury. Note: Although this site has not been updated recently, the information given is very useful! (May 2017)

Green Drinks

Organised by the Shrewsbury and North Shropshire Green Party, this is a regular informal gathering to discuss 'green' issues, need not be political.

Click on the link for more details of when and where.

Green Shropshire Xchange

is a new key group in Shropshire promoting communication between different groups on the subject of Climate Change and Sustainable Living   at

Rubbish Diet Challenge

 Whether it’s a space issue and you can’t get everything in your bin, your wheelie bin smells because of rotting food or you just can’t stand our throw away lifestyle, the Rubbish Diet challenge will help to solve your waste problems. It's like a slimming club for your bin, shrinking what you send to landfill, saving you money and once your bin is slim - you’ll never have to panic about missing bin day again!!

The Diet is really easy to do.  All you have to do is keep track of what you throw away and then find ways of making that waste disappear by recycling it, finding other uses for it or just avoiding it all together.  You’ll find solutions that work for you with the help of other Dieters in your group and from your local Bin Doctor, so check out the website.


Shrewsbury Friends of the Earth

We are an independent local group affiliated to the national body.

Campaign on a variety of local issues.

National  Friends of the Earth

Transition Town Shrewsbury

Community group working to build local resilience in response to peak oil, climate destruction, and economic instability.

Village Water

Local Charity helping to provide clean water to rural Africa.