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Entries with locations in an around Shrewsbury

Acton Scott Farm Museum

A farm museum which also runs courses in traditional country crafts and trades

Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE)

Campaigns to preserve the beauty and tranquillity of the countryside.

01547 528546

Cleobury Country Environment Forum

Active projects in the area

Cleobury Mortimer
01299 270562


Ecological consultancy

61 Copthorne Road
01743 236096

Marches Renewable Energy (MaRE)

Grants available for businesses, NGOs, charities etc (not domestic) for renewable schemes. Up to 50%, maximum 200kW peak 

Natural Shropshire (& Shropshire Biodiversity Partnership)

for nearby wildlife, biodiversity issues, websites and local field meetings with experts. Runs a free tree scheme for residents in Shropshire every winter

01743 252562


Fun outdoors .....Bushcraft parties, local survival skills, within nature.

Little wenlock

Praise Bee

A local charity, helping to save and promote the Mason Bee - a good pollinator and not subject to the same diseases and predators as the Honey Bee.  They use churchyards and local gardens to create welcome homes for the bees, which they are researching, in order to be of use in spreading info and bees beyond Shropshire.

Contact Trustee Viv Marsh on 01939 291475 or email viv.marsh@postalplants.co.uk

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

– places to see birds in shropshire. Count your garden birds in their annual Big Garden Birdwatch survey. 

Severn Tree Trust

(formerly the International Tree Foundation)

Monthly meetings or visits. Tree planting and newsletter.

Shopshire Invertibrate Group SIG

Meets monthly between March and October to explore sites around the county.

To contact, email

NB Swap @ for [at] below

Godfrey Blunt blunt.sig195[at]btinternet.com

Nigel Jones nipajones[at]tiscali.co.uk

Shropshire & Staffordshire Amphibian and Reptile Group

ShropsARG aims to increase our understanding of the distribution and ecology of amphibians and reptiles in Shropshire.          

     Contact John Wilkinson( Shrop) bufo_is_best@yahoo.co.uk


01743 252578

Shropshire Badger Group

They have area contacts throughout the county. 

Members can become more involved in dealing with badger problems if they want.

In addition to the field activities to care for badgers there are occasional meetings,with a speaker, slide show, video demonstrations etc.

01743 271999

Shropshire Bat Group

The Bat Group regularly monitors winter hibernacula in the old lead mines around Shropshire 

Shropshire Beekeepers Association

events, meetings, and what to do if you discover a swarm!

01743 88452

Shropshire Great Outdoors

Parks and Countryside Sites



Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre

re-discover the Shropshire Hills - an area of outstanding natural beauty; lots of signed local walking, art, shop & cafe

Shropshire mammal Group

A group of mammal enthusiasts, researchers and recorders.

Shropshire Ornithological Society

The Society is involved in the management of several sites in the County,  Venus Pool, an important wetland, is owned and managed by the Society.

Shropshire swifts

A Shropshire-wide Swift Group, who have information and advice on swifts, record swifts in Shropshire, and can asist with the provision of nest boxes.  They work with Swift Conservation, and welcome info on new sites.  (There are several in Shrewsbury).   shropshireswifts@gmail.com

Shropshire Wildlife Trust

 Shropshire's leading conservation charity. It manages over 40 nature reserves.

Offers a number of volunteering opportunities throughout the county, including:

Survey work, help with events, Education and Gardening help



The National Trust

Aims to protect special places in the UK.

Attingham Park
01743 708162

Woodcraft Folk

Unique progressive educational movement for children and young adults- designed to be an ecological alternative to the Guides and Scouts.