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Some 6,500 houses are planned for Shrewsbury by 2026; it is vital that these do not bite into the town's most valuable wild places.

The river Severn is Shrewsbury’s key wildlife feature.  It links us to the Welsh Hills and the Bristol Channel.  The river is often overlooked until it floods.  Treating it as a natural system (after all it’s been there for 12,000 years) allowing its floodplain to flood would not only help protect the town, but also restore large tracts of wildlife habitat.

With climate change, nature is going a bit awry, we are beginning to see creatures moving beyond their usual range. Insects that were confined to southern England now occur in Shropshire - what will we lose?
Wildlife that we take for granted may respond to a changing climate by moving north, or becoming extinct.


(Picture on right by kind permission of Ruth Gibson)