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Visit local green houses, with energy saving in mind, and get inspiration or

or the superhomes open days, www,

From the Autumn 2012 Shrewsbury FoE newsletter/website, an article:-

Getting ready for winter: DIY Secondary Glazing by Richard Davies of Marches EnergyAgency     " Of all the energy-saving things that I have done to my house over the last dozen years, fitting secondary glazing has been the most revolutionary!  Probably the same impact that people get going from single glazed to plastic double but for a fraction of the cost, and with all the warm glow of having ‘done it yourself’.
I live in a 1932 semi, which still has most of the original wooden windows, which I’d like to keep. The downside is condensation, cold, draughts and too much heat loss. Noise can also be a problem.

The solution: secondary glazing - there are many options for fitting secondary glazing and as ever there’s an almost infinite amount of ‘advice’ on the web. A really good place to begin is with a recent English Heritage publication ‘Secondary Glazing for Windows in Historic Buildings’    see

Even if you’re in a building that isn’t historic it covers the issues and options really well.
Firstly your windows need to be reasonably well draught proofed as the plastic sheet can pop off in high winds.

For draught-proofing there's a brilliant product called Qlon made by a company called Schlegel. It’s available in from a company called
GTI – but only in large quantities. I’d be happy to arrange a bulk order if there was interest.

For the secondary glazing I use 2mm thick bog standard acrylic sheet which I order on-line from a company called Liv Supplies.
They are across the other side of the country but did seem really good value and their web-site is really easy to use – they cut exact sizes to order. See

The magnetic strip, which is made up of a self-adhesive steel tape which sticks to the window frame and a magnetic tape which sticks to the acrylic sheet.  Magnetic tape is sold through

There is a brilliant 3 minute video made by Lambeth Council on YouTube which shows you how to fit the system   ".

Chase Community Solar

Innovative community energy scheme putting PV on social housing.

d.light - Solar Aid

Bright solar lights, can be bought for use in the UK, when bought via Solar Aid, a charity, and each one we buy includes a donation of £10 distribute 2 solar lights to rural African families to use instead of polluting kerosene lanterns or candles.
0207 278 0400


An inspiring Dutch scheme delivering deep retrofit to zero carbon for homes with minimal disruption and a unique financing scheme.

Freiburg, Germany

This South Western German city, of 220,000, has excellent and progressive policies on public transport, waste, lots of forms of sustainable energy, ecologically sound buildings, green spaces and lots more besides.

Shropshire and Telford Community Energy (STCE)

STCE is being set up to develop and run Community Energy projects in Shropshire and Telford. Sharenergy are supporting the setting up of STCE but once operational it will be an independent operation.

c/o Sharenergy, The Pump House,
Coton Hill
0780 5757 250

Zero Carbon House

Balsall Heath, a truly inspiring retrofit plus extension, regularly open as part of the superhomes network, well worth the trip,