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Carbon Trust

Energy saving and carbon reduction issues. Includes information on financial help available to organisations and businesses.

Centre for Alternative Technology

A pioneer in demonstrating greener building and living; lots of examples and education courses. Well worth a visit, easy to get to by train. Courses at CAT, either short weekend courses for a particular interest hands-on and theoretical OR, to improve your career in the area of low-energy building.
01654 705 950

Chase Community Solar

Innovative community energy scheme putting PV on social housing.

Chimney Sheep

Great chimney draught excluders

Climate KiC Innovation review

Brings together professionals, entrepreneurs and students interested in how the challenges of climate change are being turned into opportunities, the latest news and inspiration.

Close the Door

Run a brilliant campaign to put a stop to heating pavements and wasting heat simply by persuading shops to close their doors! The Carbon Trust says 54% of heat from a store is wasted, by going out of the door. Research says that customers are prepared to open doors into shops, and that closed doors have a minimum impact on sales!

David Gomersall, Architect.

Practical, innovative, environmentally- sensitive and energy efficient designs.

Long Row
Lower Down
Lydbury North
01588 680693

EcoGen Projects Ltd

Help communities develop wind projects – office in Shrewsbury.

0845 345 7731


Offer 'green' power

08000 326100

Efficient Light

Low energy bulbs in shapes and sizes – put ‘mea’ as discount code on web or phone for 5% discount and donation to local climate change charity.

0175 2695212


An inspiring Dutch scheme delivering deep retrofit to zero carbon for homes with minimal disruption and a unique financing scheme.

Energy Saving Trust

Government-funded organisation promoting household energy saving with a useful website for information and advice.

Good Energy

Offer genuine 'green' power including gas

0845 456 1640

Green Building Store

Supplies leading edge products for low energy buildings. Robust, practical solutions helping save energy and water including energy-efficient doors and windows, paints, insulation, etc.

W Yorks
01484 461705

Green Energy

Offer 'green' power.

0845 456 9550

Green Shop

Natural paints, rainwater harvesting, (and a range of energy-saving devices).

Cheltenham Road
01452 770629

Light Bulbs Direct

Online supplier of all types of light bulbs

0844 3249225

Little Wenlock Carbon Reduction Action Group

Helps locals reduce carbon

Lyco Direct

large range of all types of light bulbs

National Energy Foundation

A national educational charity encouraging energy saving and renewable generation.

Natural Building Technologies

Sustainable building shell solutions.

The Hangar
01844 338338

Nigel's Eco store

Stocks Double Sausage Draft excluders, great for internal doors,

-Nigel's Eco store has many other wonderful energy saving products

optimise Energy UK

Help Organisations go GREEN, by comprehensive energy audit .

01746 761500

Passivhaus Trust

The Passivhaus Trust is an independent, non-profit organisation that provides leadership in the UK for the adoption of the Passivhaus standard and methodology. Passivhaus is the leading international low energy, design standard. Over 65,000 buildings have been designed, built and tested to this standard worldwide.

The Trust aims to promote the principles of Passivhaus as a highly effective way of reducing energy use and carbon emissions from buildings in the UK, as well as providing high standards of comfort and building health.

Open days 2018 includes new Passive House at Edgmond, Newport, see events page

Pavatex, wood fibre insulation boards

Claus Best and James Smith have experience of fitting these.

Precious Earth

Natural and renewable building materials and interior design. In new location which includes organic fruit and veg; eco@preciousearth.co.uk

The Old Garage
West St
Knighton, Powys
01547 528 080

PYC construction

Passive House timber frame construction

The House Building Factory, Powys, SY21 8SL
Buttington Cross Enterprise Park,
01938 500 797

Slimlite glazing

Thin double glazing panels for heritage use.

tar sands and fracking

Fracking and Extreme fossil fuels In 2014 local groups have campaigned against an exploratory well to test for Coalbed Methane in Dudleston North Shropshire. The application by Dart energy is being considered by Shropshire council which is concerned of the negative effects of drilling for gas. For more details: frackfreedudleston.org.uk The government will be giving new area licences across the country including a large part of Shropshire.Many groups are campaigning against fracking and extreme fossil fuels. For more details: frackoff.org.uk Coalbed Methane (CBM) This process uses pumps to remove water from the coalbed and the methane gas can be collected.Many wells are needed to extract the gas and the waste water has to be treated. This may result in the pollution of drinking water supplies,while any escaping methane into the air adds to global climate change. Hydraulic Fracking of Shale This process uses sand, water and chemicals which are pumped under pressure to frack the shale and release the gas or oil.The waste fluid needs treatment and again pollution of the environment can result from this. Underground Coal Gassification (UCG) This process releases gas from coal seams by burning the coal underground.This is a very difficult process to control. Tar sands In Canada and Alaska the oil from tar sands are extracted using large amounts of water. This causes large amounts of pollution.Pipelines carry the oil to refineries across north america. These extreme methods to extract fossil fuels cause pollution and affect local communities. To combat Climate change we need to leave these fuels in the ground and develop renewable energy technology.