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Replacing inefficient incandescent lightbulb (  banned from sale EU wide in 2009) , with LEDs (light Emitting Diode) replacements  saves lots of  energy. LEDs once slow to gain their full brightness are now instant and are measured in lumens i.e. light output.. 

Halogens, are energy hungry and have been withdrawn from sale (except in special cases) -September 2018 

Solar lanterns for African countries - to replace kerosene lamps and candles - 

d.light - Solar Aid

Bright solar lights, can be bought for use in the UK, when bought via Solar Aid, a charity, and each one we buy includes a donation of £10 distribute 2 solar lights to rural African families to use instead of polluting kerosene lanterns or candles.
0207 278 0400

Efficient Light

Low energy bulbs in shapes and sizes – put ‘mea’ as discount code on web or phone for 5% discount and donation to local climate change charity.

0175 2695212

Light Bulbs Direct

Online supplier of all types of light bulbs

0844 3249225


lightbulbs.co.uk specialise in LED and energy saving lightbulbs

Lyco Direct

large range of all types of light bulbs

Shropshire Green Energy Centre

Insulation, PV, LED lighting, storage heaters and heating systems.  Trustmark accreddited so can be used for Green Homes Grant work. 

Cemetry Rd, Dawley Bank,
01952 505506

The Solar Centre

Great range of solar lights for home and garden


Fireproof covers for recessed ceiling lights 

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