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Changing wasteful habits can save energy at no cost, and there are many more possibilities if you have a little money to invest.

Any improvement in the insulation or efficiency of a home energy system always pays for itself in lower energy bills.

The Feed In tariff no longer exists so you need to have a good site and high direct usage of the electricity produced to get good returns on a Photovoltaic systems or wind turbine. Local non domestic schemes can however apply for a grant from the Marches Renewable Energy fund (MaRE). 

If your boiler is more than 15 years old it should really be replaced, if you go for a wood fired boiler, heat pump or solar hot water system you will probably be eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

It’s however important to cut down on wasting energy before thinking about installing any renewable sources.

Chimney Sheep

Great chimney draught excluders

Claus Best, Carpenter and energy asessor

Carpenter with experience of internal wall insulation using environmentally friendly products (eg pavatherm). Claus's home in Bayston Hill is also part of the Superhomes network

Claus is also an energy assessor and a member of Midlands Energy Professionals.


An inspiring Dutch scheme delivering deep retrofit to zero carbon for homes with minimal disruption and a unique financing scheme.

ESP Energy

PV, biomass, heat pumps and solar hot water, local family firm

01743 718003

Heat Genius smart heat controls

Smart heating controls, worth considering in a larger property or where occupancy varies, based in the West Midlands

Nigel's Eco store

Stocks Double Sausage Draft excluders, great for internal doors,

-Nigel's Eco store has many other wonderful energy saving products

Owl energy monitors

Owl have a good range of energy monitors

Pavatex, wood fibre insulation boards

Claus Best and James Smith have experience of fitting these.

Rural and Country Energy

Renewables installer covering Cheshire, Shrops, N.Wales & Staffs. see

Brickyard Farm Workshops
0845 643 9900

Slimlite glazing

Thin double glazing panels for heritage use.


Very handy plastic strip for stopping draughts from gaps in floorboards, under skirtings etc

tar sands and fracking

Fracking and Extreme fossil fuels In 2014 local groups have campaigned against an exploratory well to test for Coalbed Methane in Dudleston North Shropshire. The application by Dart energy is being considered by Shropshire council which is concerned of the negative effects of drilling for gas. For more details: The government will be giving new area licences across the country including a large part of Shropshire.Many groups are campaigning against fracking and extreme fossil fuels. For more details: Coalbed Methane (CBM) This process uses pumps to remove water from the coalbed and the methane gas can be collected.Many wells are needed to extract the gas and the waste water has to be treated. This may result in the pollution of drinking water supplies,while any escaping methane into the air adds to global climate change. Hydraulic Fracking of Shale This process uses sand, water and chemicals which are pumped under pressure to frack the shale and release the gas or oil.The waste fluid needs treatment and again pollution of the environment can result from this. Underground Coal Gassification (UCG) This process releases gas from coal seams by burning the coal underground.This is a very difficult process to control. Tar sands In Canada and Alaska the oil from tar sands are extracted using large amounts of water. This causes large amounts of pollution.Pipelines carry the oil to refineries across north america. These extreme methods to extract fossil fuels cause pollution and affect local communities. To combat Climate change we need to leave these fuels in the ground and develop renewable energy technology.

Thermablock Aerogel

Thin highly effective insulation but quite expensive, great for window reveals and dormer windows


Fireproof covers for recessed ceiling lights 

028 4177 4047

Zero Carbon House

Balsall Heath, a truly inspiring retrofit plus extension, regularly open as part of the superhomes network, well worth the trip,