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There are so many national installers that we have decided only to list local firms

A firm must be MCS accredited for you to obtain FiTs and other government payments.

There are three main sources of renewable energy available locally - sun, wind and rain.

Grants for all these have been replaced by the Feed In Tariffs (FiTs) and the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) which has lead to a huge increase in their take up and a reduction in installation costs.

The FiT rates are reducing and the scheme will close to new entrants from april 2019, but the scheme is still worth investigating if you have a good site and high direct usage of the electricity produced.

Any installation needs to be carried out by Micro-generation Certification Scheme (MCS) members and use approved equipment to be eligible for the FiTs or RHI.
For more details on these schemes see
Or contact one of the community energy schemes or an energy advisor.

Solar energy can be tapped via hot water or turned into electricity using photovoltaic (PV) panels.

Solar hot water is wonderful, providing you use enough hot water, but it won’t contribute much if anything to your heating needs, it's also easy now to set up a PV system to supply hot water so this may be a better option than a dedicated solar thermal system.

PV is much cheaper than it used to be and  with the feed in tariffs can pay back in around 10 years.

Solar energy can also be tapped by burning wood.

Wind energy can also pay back within 10 years now, providing you’re in a windy spot and have room to have a turbine away from buildings and trees (we don’t recommend any building mounted turbines).

Rain energy or Hydro power is uncommon on a domestic scale and needs a good all year round flow to make it viable.



They are an environmental consultancy based in Shropshire, working on projects all over the UK.

Their speciality is providing guidance on environmental issues surrounding more technically demanding projects in the waste and renewable energy sectors.

Hilley Farm
nr Nescliffe
01743 343403

Energy Share

Promotes and campaigns for renewable energy.


Pump House, Coton Hill
01743 835242

ESP Energy

PV, biomass, heat pumps and solar hot water, local family firm


01743 718003

GoGreen Systems

Local Solar PV installers, fitted the Shropshire Wildlife Trust HQ system

01743 367221

Intelligent Energy

Supply and fit wood fired boiler systems.

Also supply and fit solar thermal, PV and wind systems

Bishops Castle
01588 650657

Llani Renewables

Install solar thermal and PV systems, wood boilers and heat pumps on domestic and commercial properties.

Fraithwen, Adfa,
Newtown, Powys
01686 722722

Princes LHS

Princes LHS T/A Princes Solar Energy are an established business who have been trading since 2004.

They also offer other energy saving products such as Heat Pumps, Thermal Stores, Home Batteries etc.