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Turning down your thermostat by just 1 degree C can reduce the energy used for heating by around 10%
Thermostatic radiator valves and radiator panels are useful. Controlling draughts is also important, open fires are a big culprit, T:01252319325   or  Installing secondary glazing on existing windows can be cheap and effective (see                                                                            

Letter box flaps are also useful, see

Replacing a single inefficient bulb (the sale of which is now banned, Europe-wide) with a low energy (fluorescent) light bulb saves up to £8 of electricity every year. LED replacements are now available, the most energy efficient, and beware of halogens, which aren’t low energy.

Switch off appliances instead of leaving them on standby.

When replacing or buying new appliances, always look for the ‘A’ energy rating (A+ or A++ for fridges and freezers), any extra cost will soon be covered by lower bills, could be as little as 3 years or less.

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