family & leisure

Think about your family health; turn off the tv, turn off the computer, get out on your bikes, walk, play games in the open air.  Shrewsbury has quite good sports facilities and open parks, games pitches, sports halls,playgrounds and an amazing varied landscape all around the town and across Shropshire.  All the sections in this guide could inspire you to get out and about, have fun, and try new things, and expend your energy, not the planet's.


Acton Scott Farm Museum

A farm museum which also runs courses in traditional country crafts and trades

Arts for All

Coach service to Theatre, Dance, Music events in the region.

01743 790400

Attingham park

– loads of green outdoor activities for kids. Walled garden and National Trust House with tea rooms.


These help cause the fatburgs,currently in the news, in the sewage system.  None are really biodegradeable, so best to bin them, and avoid using if possible.  They’ve been produced for 60 years, and made of a non-woven blend of natural and synthetic fibres, such as polypropylene.  The industry body Water UK say all wipes should be binned, and not labelled biodegradeable - for that process is too slow to be of use, so please don’t throw them in the loo.  For details



balloons and sky lanterns and glitter

Balloons, their strings and labels,  when let go of, fall back to earth and can be ingested by grazing animals, birds or marine creatures, so the Marine Conservation Society suggests we don't use balloons.  So-called biodegradeable ones may take 4 years to disapper - that's not very biodegradeable, and they could do damage til then.  And some scientists believe that the gas helium is too precious to be wasted in balloons.

Sky lanterns similarly cause fires and litter and sometimes havoc when they fall back to land. More and more councils are not allowing these to be let off on council land ,  has a few alternative ideas,

Glitter is made of micro-plastics, not yet banned, but some nurseries and schools have given up using them.  (Lush has non-plastic glitter in their products )(You can find biodegradeable glitter made from eucalyptus, look online, various companies).

Centre for Alternative Technology

A pioneer in demonstrating greener building and living; lots of examples and education courses. Well worth a visit, easy to get to by train. Courses at CAT, either short weekend courses for a particular interest hands-on and theoretical OR, to improve your career in the area of low-energy building.
01654 705 950

Cotton buds with plastic stems

Cotton buds with plastic stems are being outlawed in Scotland, because people actually throw these down the loo, and they end up on beaches, hurting/killing marine life.  Plenty of cardboard-stemmed ones around locally.  The Herbarium, Wyle Cop and Snapdragon, in the Market Hall sell paper-stemmed, packaged in cardboard.

Cyced web site

A website covering more than just Shropshire but with articles on local bike shops, cycle clubs and cycling routes.

Cycling UK Shropshire

Organised social bike rides, each week from Shrewsbury town centre, on Sunday, Tuesdays and Thursdays, a broad range to suit most riders.

Check the website for details

or the Facebook page Cycling UK Shropshire.

Gateway Education & Arts Centre

Offer  health and fitness-related exercise classes and other educational stuff. Small Art gallery.


01743 355159

Green Oil

This company suppy environmentally friendly cycle lubrication products.

Their green oil is a chain lubrication oil which is entirely plant based, they also make bike cleaning products and other lubricants.


020 7274 8725

Green Wood Centre

Promotes traditional uses of timber, and runs workshops.

Also has a good drop-in cafe 

01952 432769

Home Farm Attingham

Working Organic Farm, sells Jersey Organic Ice Cream. (attached to Attingham Park)

01743 709243

Hopesay Glebe Farm

organic fruit and veg, eggs and honey in Shrewsbury Market Hall.    At the Farm there is a  tea room (prior contact is advisable) next to The Shropshire Way long distance path!.


Craven Arms
01588 660 737

Isla Bikes

Maker of bespoke  bikes mainly for children.  Known for recycling bike parts ( an example of  'Circular Economy)'.


18 acre permaculture project run courses, events, celebration, nature and sell fruit trees/ bushes.


Love Your Clothes

A UK gov website with loads of useful tips on caring for your clothes including mending, washing and recycling.


Fun outdoors .....Bushcraft parties, local survival skills, within nature.

Little wenlock

Park Hall Farm

Animals, playbarns, outdoor activities.



plastic glitter

Glitter, made of  micro plastics is being banned from festivals and in some children's nurseries. There is a better alternative - bioglitter, made from cellulose from Eucalyptus trees, several makes.

Preston Montford Field Studies Centre

Educational charity, training projects, research programmes and leisure courses.

0845 3307378

Rail Rambles

Organised rural walks accessed by train, Saturdays weekly and Wednesdays monthly. 

Get leaflets from Shrewsbury railway station.  

Roy Fletcher Centre

community based information point for a collection of health-related and other charities. Meeting rooms for hire. 

01743 341 300

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

– places to see birds in shropshire. Count your garden birds in their annual Big Garden Birdwatch survey. 

Shropshire Bat Group

The Bat Group regularly monitors winter hibernacula in the old lead mines around Shropshire 

Shropshire Great Outdoors

Parks and Countryside Sites


Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre

re-discover the Shropshire Hills - an area of outstanding natural beauty; lots of signed local walking, art, shop & cafe

Shropshire Hills Shuttle Bus

weekends & Bank Hol Mondays bus service into the hils. Choice of 2 routes. (Not winter).

Shropshire mammal Group

A group of mammal enthusiasts, researchers and recorders.

Shropshire Ornithological Society

The Society is involved in the management of several sites in the County,  Venus Pool, an important wetland, is owned and managed by the Society.

shropshire walking

Possibly more demanding walks for families

Shropshire walks

Family walks in Shropshire of 2 to 5 miles

Shropshire Wildlife Trust

 Shropshire's leading conservation charity. It manages over 40 nature reserves.

Offers a number of volunteering opportunities throughout the county, including:

Survey work, help with events, Education and Gardening help



Shropshire Young Ramblers (20-30s)

For those between 20-30

The Nappy Lady


The Nappy Lady website provides advice on most nappy types. There is quite a large selection so she suggests filling in a questionnaire on the website so that she can obtain the best fit for your baby/toddler. There are discounts if you buy nappies through her. She also sells washable wipes, breast pads and sanitary wear. 


underhill farm

ECO activities for children and low impact ecotourism on shropshire welsh border.


Whitchurch Blackberry Fair

Organises the yearly fair. A celebration of real markets, people and traditions - farmers market, artisans bazaar ...

Women’s Environmental Network

links women and the environment and is especially concerned with issues of health and reproductive systems

Woodcraft Folk

Unique progressive educational movement for children and young adults- designed to be an ecological alternative to the Guides and Scouts.

Woodland Trust

Charity that acquires and protects native UK woodlands, 

Woods for wellbeing

based in the Shropshire Hills, provides nature activities, retreats and training in bushcrafts, ecotherapy, botany and wildlife  ...