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You are here   offer BURPS (Breastfeeding Understanding and Reassurance Project.  There are two drop-in clinics -  Honeysuckle Lodge, Martin Wilson School, New Park Road, Castlefields, (thursdays 10.30-12.00)  also Meole Brace Childrens Centre, Meole Brace Primary School, (tuesdays 9.30-10.35)

La Leche League - http://   
Breastfeeding support, encouragement and info from pregnancy to weaning.

National Childbirth Trust http:// - 
Run by local parents to offer support, information and friendship to new parents and parents-to-be.

Howard & Howard, Battlefield Enterprise Park Hussey Road, Shrewsbury  01743442121 (also Monkmoor and Radbrook will collect and deliver all types of laundry,  will consider nappies too. W:

The Nappy Lady - http://the  
provide information and help with different nappy types.

The ‘Which’ report on pros and cons of reusable nappies-  choosing nappies.


The Green Providers Directory  lists natural, organic and fairtrade  suppliers of nappies and babywear.

Save money and waste by reusing old toys.

Take and Play  Monkmoor Toy Library -  Mondays, term time, 9.15-11.15 at Crowmoor School . 07739 420541 or 07979 962672.   



Isla Bikes

Maker of bespoke  bikes mainly for children.  Known for recycling bike parts ( an example of  'Circular Economy)'.

The Nappy Lady


The Nappy Lady website provides advice on most nappy types. There is quite a large selection so she suggests filling in a questionnaire on the website so that she can obtain the best fit for your baby/toddler. There are discounts if you buy nappies through her. She also sells washable wipes, breast pads and sanitary wear.