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You are here   offer BURPS (Breastfeeding Understanding and Reassurance Project.  There are two drop-in clinics -  Honeysuckle Lodge, Martin Wilson School, New Park Road, Castlefields, (thursdays 10.30-12.00)  also Meole Brace Childrens Centre, Meole Brace Primary School, (tuesdays 9.30-10.35)

La Leche League - http://   
Breastfeeding support, encouragement and info from pregnancy to weaning.

National Childbirth Trust http:// - 
Run by local parents to offer support, information and friendship to new parents and parents-to-be.

Howard & Howard, Battlefield Enterprise Park Hussey Road, Shrewsbury  01743442121 (also Monkmoor and Radbrook will collect and deliver all types of laundry,  will consider nappies too. W:

The Nappy Lady - http://the  
provide information and help with different nappy types.

The ‘Which’ report on pros and cons of reusable nappies-  choosing nappies.


The Green Providers Directory  lists natural, organic and fairtrade  suppliers of nappies and babywear.

Save money and waste by reusing old toys.

Take and Play  Monkmoor Toy Library -  Mondays, term time, 9.15-11.15 at Crowmoor School . 07739 420541 or 07979 962672.   



balloons and sky lanterns and glitter

Balloons, their strings and labels,  when let go of, fall back to earth and can be ingested by grazing animals, birds or marine creatures, so the Marine Conservation Society suggests we don't use balloons.  So-called biodegradeable ones may take 4 years to disapper - that's not very biodegradeable, and they could do damage til then.  And some scientists believe that the gas helium is too precious to be wasted in balloons.

Sky lanterns similarly cause fires and litter and sometimes havoc when they fall back to land. More and more councils are not allowing these to be let off on council land ,  has a few alternative ideas,

Glitter is made of micro-plastics, not yet banned, but some nurseries and schools have given up using them.  (Lush has non-plastic glitter in their products )(You can find biodegradeable glitter made from eucalyptus, look online, various companies).

Isla Bikes

Maker of bespoke  bikes mainly for children.  Known for recycling bike parts ( an example of  'Circular Economy)'.

plastic glitter

Glitter, made of  micro plastics is being banned from festivals and in some children's nurseries. There is a better alternative - bioglitter, made from cellulose from Eucalyptus trees, several makes.

The Nappy Lady


The Nappy Lady website provides advice on most nappy types. There is quite a large selection so she suggests filling in a questionnaire on the website so that she can obtain the best fit for your baby/toddler. There are discounts if you buy nappies through her. She also sells washable wipes, breast pads and sanitary wear.