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Best place for eco ideas is the Centre for Alternative Technology, just over the border in Wales.  www.cat.org.uk

Local survival skills, fun  outdoors and in nature: http://www.outback2basics.co.uk .

The Bales, Brynmawr Agricultural Lifestyle Education Sanctuary, farm tours for schools and community groups, educational activities, etc  http://www.clunvalleyorganics.co.uk   


Centre for Alternative Technology

A pioneer in demonstrating greener building and living; lots of examples and education courses. Well worth a visit, easy to get to by train. Courses at CAT, either short weekend courses for a particular interest hands-on and theoretical OR, to improve your career in the area of low-energy building.
01654 705 950

Cyced web site

A website covering more than just Shropshire but with articles on local bike shops, cycle clubs and cycling routes.

Green Oil

This company suppy environmentally friendly cycle lubrication products.

Their green oil is a chain lubrication oil which is entirely plant based, they also make bike cleaning products and other lubricants.


020 7274 8725

Park Hall Farm

Animals, playbarns, outdoor activities.



Rail Rambles

Organised rural walks accessed by train, Saturdays weekly and Wednesdays monthly. 

Get leaflets from Shrewsbury railway station.  

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

– places to see birds in shropshire. Count your garden birds in their annual Big Garden Birdwatch survey. 

Women’s Environmental Network

links women and the environment and is especially concerned with issues of health and reproductive systems

Woodcraft Folk

Unique progressive educational movement for children and young adults- designed to be an ecological alternative to the Guides and Scouts.

Woodland Trust

Charity that acquires and protects native UK woodlands,