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Rather than drive to the theatre or a Show in the Region, go with a group. see run from Pontesbury.

For anyone 'out of town' wait for a film to come to you rather than travelling in ...see  for Flicks in the Sticks. ... there are also professional live performances and big screen cinema all over Herefordshire and Shropshire.  

If you need to use a car infrequently, e.g under 6,000 miles per year, it may be worth joining the local Car Club. It also enables you to use cars in other towns when visiting.

Bus Users Shropshire

Enthusiasts working for Passengers throughout Shropshire.  Have produced a simple and comprehensive Bus routes leaflet, available at Shrewsbury Coffeehouse on Castle St.

You can also download the leaflet from here.

c/o Shrewsbury Coffeehouse

Guide to Electric Cars

A link to very useful web pages produced by Exchange and Mart.


Often cars are hired to drive a couple of people and their guests just a few miles - using a more environmentally friendly option can also save money. If the venue is less than a mile, why not walk? Alternatively use public transport,  or a horse and carriage.  See Getting Around section and or Wellington horse and carriage co.