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In conventional cosmetics, there are dangerous chemicals like hormone-disrupting parabens, and aluminium in deodorants (Check shopping section).

 Microbeads (a form of micro PLASTIC) (Polyethelene) in Cosmetics -The production of these, in rinse off cosmetics and cleaning products has been banned in England since June 2018. However this doesNOT include suntan lotions, lipstick, mascara and some deodorants. 

Cigarette Filters

We have all seen discarded cigarette ends outside buildings, and along streets, perhaps not realising the global problem they cause. Almost all Cigarette filters are a combination of a type of PLASTIC (cellulose acetate) and toxic tobacco remnants.
They can be carried through storm drains to streams, rivers and oceans.

The PLASTIC in the filter itself is NON-Biodegradable waste.  [Eventually UV rays from the sun break the plastic into smaller microplastics that can find their way into the food chain, via oceans and marine life].
They are the most pervasive form of litter in the world.
We may think we are just ‘flicking away’ paper and tobacco…….yet  there is NO AWAY.

As long ago as October 2015 ,The World Health Organisation stated …. this waste may also prove to be a significant environmental contaminant and potential human health hazard through bio-accumulation in the food chain.
If there is no other option throw cig end into the dustbin.

Women’s Environmental Network

links women and the environment and is especially concerned with issues of health and reproductive systems

 Interesting info about the safety of mobile phones, smart meters,  WiFi etc.