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From shower seals to Japanese style combined toilet and handbasin.

Water in the Bathroom    for replacement seals for showers
HOT WATER, when running a tap , save energy/money by putting the plug in basin/sink
When having a bath turn the hot water thermostat down to 60’C rather than adding lots of cold water.

Have showers instead of baths (but NOT a power shower - these consume more water and energy). Try to reduce the length of time you spend in the shower - cutting down by 2 mins will save 60 litres of water. Shower timers are readily available.

If you have a Gas shower see the Showersave (Shower regulator), This is a washer and small nut that is fitted to the end of your shower hose is very easy to fit and regulates the flow rate saving you money and energy……… detail on on www.stwater/households/save-water   and navigate to Free Products    You will also find other FREE products such as ‘Save a flush’ bag (which goes into at least a 7.5 litre cistern). A good idea, asToilet flushing accounts for almost as much of our domestic use as bathing - around 25%. .Remember the rhyme
  If it’s brown flush it down
  If it’s yellow let it mellow
There are also FREE Tap inserts to convert taps with screwed outlets to water saving aerated spray.

Consider diverting your bath water (known as Grey water) to water the garden. Kits available from local plumbers  or  DIY stores & garden centres.

Toilet twinning - a charitable way of twinning your loo and thereby providing one for people in Burundi…… can then locate it on a google map!

If you are planning a brand new toilet have a look at TOILET SINKS.......a clever Japanese method of saving water…… using the water cistern as a handbasin before flushing the water used into the toilet bowl!!!      look at        for ways of making your own!

Ethical consumer

All purchases ethical. Get the background and insight into consumerism.

Gives ideas on D.I.Y. non-toxic cleaning products.

Try out a Bamboo toothbrush. Completely recyclable!