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Composting at home is one of the best recycling actions you can take. You keep the fertility in your garden and handling and transport of the heavy waste to the Council’s facility is avoided.   Subsidised compost bins may also be initiative with Shropshire Council. 

Compost for digging in and mulching can be produced in any type of compost bin. Almost all garden and raw kitchen vegetable waste can be added(NOTE: COOKED food should NOT be put into a general compost heap as it attracts rats);  turning the heap will speed up the process. If you aren’t inclined to turn your compost don’t worry—it will still rot down but will take longer.

The garden compost heap will deal with most waste but if you set up and run a worm composter this produces a valuable liquid plant feed. You can gain help from  They are volunteers, and give advice to groups and individuals on home composting .

Many composts that are sold contain peat: this has resulted in a loss of sensitive and rare habitats .  Like peat based products not all peat free composts seem to produce great results so seek the views of people who use them if you can  . Composted bracken is sometimes available from the Wildlife Trust  in Abbey Foregate as well as other peat free composts and, of course, this is the place to obtain lots of information on wildlife gardening.

New and promising is Sylva Grow, an organic growing medium compost, can be purchased at the Derwen Garden Centre, Guilsfield, and the Lawley Nursery, Heather Brae, Leebotwood, SY6 6LU.


Compost, made from  our local kerbside green waste, sold loose in bulk to farmers and landscape gardeners, can be delivered.

01743 821226

Bubblehouse Worms

Various composting systems.—“Promote global worming!”

Centre for Alternative Technology

Has composting, demonstration gardens and gardening information. Catalogue sells garden items,

Machynlleth, Powys,

Coffee Grounds

You can ask Starbucks, and now, Ginger and Co Coffee in Princess St. for theirs, to take home to add to compost. Also said to be a good slug repellant in small quantities!  Ask other cafes, to encourage composting!

You can also grow oyster mushrooms on old coffee grounds


Fertile Fibre

Peat-free compost made from Coir

Ginger & Co. Coffee

Mainly locally sourced ingredients for cakes and sarnies. Fairtrade / Rain Forest Alliance Coffee.

Offer spent coffee..... free for your compost. Their take away coffee cups are fully compostable.

30-31 Princess St.
07795142603 Facebook/gingerandcocoffee

great green systems

Subsidised compost bins available-an initiative with Shropshire Council

0800 7312572

Jesent products

"Locally handmade useful sustainable timber products, ranging from recycling box stores, compost bins, storage units, veg grow boxes etc

Shropshire Master Composters

Advice to groups and individuals on home composting by volunteers.

Shropshire Wildlife Trust

 Shropshire's leading conservation charity. It manages over 40 nature reserves.

Offers a number of volunteering opportunities throughout the county, including:

Survey work, help with events, Education and Gardening help



Wiggly Wigglers

For worm bins and accessories, plus all sorts of gardening products, seeds and plants