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DIY  reminders for  the environment

For white kitchen goods, resist the temptation to buy new. , .
See recycling section for second hand shops and other repair shops for cookers, fridges and freezers, or repair  gives diy advice to repair your large electrical items

If you don’t want to buy a tool for a once in a while job, you may find that your neighbour has a tool  that is infrequently used that you can borrow.   is  where to look! This is  Community sharing leading to a reduction in consumption and your carbon footprint! You may also be able to hire electrical tools from local hardware stores.     Repair cafes are free meeting places and they're all about repairing things (together).  BE INSPIRED TO BEGIN ONE  a project which includes 'electrical/electronic' items that need re-starting, arranged via parties!. At present in London  again in London...workshops that teach you how to repair/make all sorts. BE INSPIRED   a look at the need for a 'circular economy' bringing waste  into all that we design.

PAINTS  Keep green in mind and use ECO paints and varnishes and strippers. (many oil-based paints contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that turn into gas.  Choose a low VOC paint for your bedroom and you’re less likely to wake feeling fuzzy-headed.
House painting is recognised as a cancer-risk career).
sites for these paints    (see Building section)


Abbey Hardware

Wonderful Hardware local shop....surprising what you can find here!  and they will give you the exact number you large packets!

15 Abbey Foregate


Electrical repair specialist! same day/ next day service, all makes of automatics,electric cookers,cleaners,dishwashers and waste disposal units. New and refurbished machines for sale.


Duncan Galliers Upholstery

Offers Upholstery classes in the Shrewsbury Workshop.

Coton Hill Farm

J A Milton Upholstery

Upholstery Courses (and supplies) in Ellesmere

the used kitchen company

Spares for cookers, washers, remote controls, or buy/sell a complete kitchen. 

020 8349 1943