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From how to minimise energy use, to finding a replacement kitchen
Clothes Drying:
Better not to dry clothes on radiators. It creates damp and encourages mold ....use a  Pulleymaid 
The Pulleymaid - a traditional ceiling pulley operated clothes airer  sold by local firm at SY3 7DN       

If you have to use a Tumble Dryer (they are incredible energy guzzlers),wring clothes well or spin dry first.

The best way is to use an outdoor washing line If you have a rotary line, try a covered one  then you don’t have to worry about the rain.

For white kitchen goods, resist the temptation to buy new. , The 2 Ronnies in Belle Vue Rd. mend washing machines and vacuum cleaners or try Stokes at 60 Mardol.

Choose an appliance to suit the job – if you are making toast, use the toaster not the grill. Match the size of hob ring to size of saucepan, or you will be paying to heat air! Put lids on saucepans this will avoid condensation in the kitchen and reduce heat and energy loss.
Use a steamer, save energy and cook more than one type of food; as well as veggies, try fish and puddings too.– Use an automatic switch off jug-kettle and only heat as much water as you need. Select a kettle that has its element at the bottom rather than half way up - this allows you to boil smaller amounts of water.

Avoid using aluminium foil when cooking.If you do use it,  recycle it, or buy recycled foil at
Avoid using disposables in the kitchen, such as paper kitchen roll / cloths, plastic bags, cling wraps, …try…using cotton/bamboo cloths, cellophane or greaseproof
If using/ receiving plastics then recycle as much as poss….Sainsbury at Meole Brace recycle some plastics
What types of plastic film are accepted?
They accept any low-density polyethylene (LDPE) film which is sometimes marked with a number 4. Normally plastic wrapping on food identifies if it is recyclable at larger Supermarkets i.e..
· plastic wrappers from bakery goods
· plastic breakfast cereal liners
· plastic toilet roll wrappers
· plastic bags from fruit and veg
· plastic carrier bags
· plastic bread bags
· plastic freezer bags
· plastic magazine wrap

What types of plastic film do they not accept?
· bubble wrap  ....see section on PLASTICS (under recycling)for further info
· cling film
If you need a sealed bag here is a good method using the top of a plastic bottle. - see the INSPIRED heading 

See more Kitchen tips under 'sugggestions' and 'be inspired'   plus these websites which connects to   and gives cleaning recipes using vinegar and bicarbornate of soda



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- a traditional ceiling pulley operated clothes airer- sold by local firm

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If you have a rotary line, try a covered one ...then you don’t have to worry about the rain.

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resist the temptation to buy new: 2  Ronnies mend washing machines and vacuum cleaners .



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