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Lighting in the Home
Energy saving light bulbs,especialy LEDs (Light Emitting Diode)  will reduce your bills and  last much  longer than other types. If supplementing  lighting, use smaller decorative lights (with low wattage or solar powered). If you add candles ensure they are not made from palm oil  .If you need a light to remain on in a room / hallway  check out the night light on

Compact Flourescent Lights ( CFLs) which originally replaced incandescent light bulbs) do contain a small amount of  mercury which is highly toxic! If a light should break donot handle it!  Use a brush and pan to remove it…not a vacuum cleaner…and put it into a receptacle before taking it to a household centre………do not place in your normal grey rubbish bin

Mirrors and light coloured walls reflect daylight making maximum use of daylight. De-clutter window ledges; Pull curtains back during the day.

Turn Off Appliances: Switch off……Microwaves, TVs, Stereos,DVDs and computers.  
Unplug equipment when fully charged, otherwise most  KEEP DRAWING ELECTRICITY! (see Energysavingsecrets)

Millions of TVs are disposed of each year ,consider donating your old TV to The Shrewsbury Furniture Scheme, 01743 246668 or give it away via   also See Recycling section.) LED TVs are the latest energy efficient TVs ; PLASMAS ARE energy guzzlers. 

Computers: take to  Battlefield Household recycling centre.

Choose an appliance to suit the job – if you are making toast, use the toaster not the grill. Match the size of hob ring to size of saucepan, or you will be paying to heat air! Put lids on saucepans this will avoid condensation in the kitchen and reduce heat and energy loss.
Use a steamer, save energy and cook more than one type of food; as well as veggies, try fish and puddings too.– Use an automatic switch off jug-kettle and only heat as much water as you need. Select a kettle that has its element at the bottom rather than half way up - this allows you to boil smaller amounts of water.
If using aluminium foil when cooking,wash and then recycle it with the kerbside collection .Buy recycled foil at   Disposables in the kitchen, i.e. paper kitchen roll / cloths, plastic bags, cling wraps, …change to… cotton/bamboo cloths, cellophane or greaseproof which can be composted.
If using/ receiving plastic packaging, recycle as much as poss…. The larger supermarkets,Sainsburys at Meole Brace, and Morrisons will recycle some plastics.....look on the packaging.

If you need a sealed bag here is a good method using the top of a plastic bottle. - cut up a disposable bottle and keep the neck and top.  Insert the plastic bag through the neck and screw the top - to seal.  The bottle top is made to be air-tight, therefore liquids will not leak.

Fridge: Avoid leaving fridge door open. Each minute the door is open takes 3 mins of energy to cool down again. Cool hot food BEFORE placing in fridge. Defrost regularly to keep it running efficiently and cheaply.
Freezer: keep in a cool room
Microwaves save money because you don’t waste energy heating container or air!

Water Meters
Installing a water meter means you only pay for the water actually used.  Where possible, Severn Trent Water   will fit one free of charge .Using less treated water in and around the home and garden saves the energy used for treatment and delivery. Think of installing a water butt and use for cleaning the car, the patio, walking boots etc.

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- a traditional ceiling pulley operated clothes airer- sold by local firm

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If you have a rotary line, try a covered one ...then you don’t have to worry about the rain.

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carries out electronic and other technical repairs.......wishes to keep stuff out of landfill!


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