life events

Celebrations, ceremonies and life events are important and can be great fun.  But they can be lavish and often wasteful in terms of food, energy, materials and transport – the environment tends to be forgotten at such special times. So, act local, but think global.




balloons and sky lanterns

Balloons, when let go of, fall back to earth and can be ingested by grazing animals, birds or marine creatures, so the Marine Conservation Society suggests we don't use balloons.

Sky lanterns similarly cause fires and litter and sometimes havoc when they fall back to land. is a company which sells biodegradeable party products and balloons.

For more creative, and less harmfull ways of celebrating see

Barnardos Brides by Appointment

See and try on 'pre-loved' wedding gear of all kinds, for bridesmaids, etc.

52 New St.,
01952 247187

British Humanist Association

For funerals, weddings and namings, the British Humanist Association can put you in touch with local celebrants.

Community clothing

UK made clothing


Drummond Canoe Hire

All sorts of river activities.


No longer a shop in the town, they are still available on line ! Organic, ethically sourced and produced, range of fashion clothing made from soya, bamboo, hemp etc.,  plus handmade cosmetics and vegan/cruelty free perfumes 


A marketplace for fair and sustainable goods , owned by its users

follow the river

Original eco-friendly clothing


Green Lane Burial Field & Nature Reserve

Upper Bryntalch,
01686 630331

Hat Trix

new to you hats for special occasions



Ethical & Fairtrade Fashion and Jewellery.

84 Wyle Cop
01743 588690

Human Tissue Authority

Rather than have a funeral , donate your whole body for Medical Training, via a local Medical school. They arrange collection, so no Funeral Directors need be involved.

A brilliant way of completing the 'cycle of life'.


There may be some family jewellery, or buy from antique shops or commission local skilled crafts people to make bespoke jewellery, 
or choose ethically-mined and sold gold - this makes a lot of difference to the lives of miners and their communities.

Love Your Clothes

A UK gov website with loads of useful tips on caring for your clothes including mending, washing and recycling.

Ludford Park Meadow of Remembrance

Set in wild flower meadow, near Ludlow.


01584 876637

Organ donation

If you want to donate your organs for the use of other people after your death.    

0845 60 60 400


 A local company offering natural confetti, some locally grown

01952 691553

South Shropshire Remembrance Park



Upper Stanway,
Church Stretton,
01584 841 089

Spokes Cycle Hire


The Sun Valley Canoeing Co

Bridgnorth area of the Severn, SE Shropshire.


Often cars are hired to drive a couple of people and their guests just a few miles - using a more environmentally friendly option can also save money. If the venue is less than a mile, why not walk? Alternatively use public transport,  or a horse and carriage.  See Getting Around section.
Wellington horse and carriage

01952 456 719

Westhope Green Burial Ground

Award-winning, near Craven Arms.

Westhope Church Meadow,
near Craven Arms,
South Shropshire,
01584 861293