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Weddings:- Don't be flash, save some cash - the average wedding is said to cost between £10-£20,000!  All for a one-off event!  There are lots of online sites for saving money, and having cheaper weddings.  Unfortunately, lots of TV programmes depict flashy ceremonies.  So think differently, hire a bus, ride a tandem, use your local hall, waste less resources, and save your cash for the rest of your life.

Funerals:-  A recent London funeral had a bicycle hearse at the beginning of a procession to the crematorium, with pedestrians and cyclists following on behind, 

If you wish to save Funeral costs or wish your body to be reused, think about donating it for Anatomical Examination,Education, Training and Research via The Human Tissue Authority. Your local Medical school would appreciate your body to train future Doctors and Dentists. see 


Human Tissue Authority

Rather than have a funeral , donate your whole body for Medical Training, via a local Medical school. They arrange collection, so no Funeral Directors need be involved.

A brilliant way of completing the 'cycle of life'.

Wellington Carriage Company

Provides elegant and traditional wedding carriages across Telford, Wolverhampton and Shropshire.