civil ceremonies and weddings

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Celebrate in a more green way locally. There are numerous local, family run, independent restaurants and pubs in Shrewsbury, and also more adventurous and craft activities on offer that are kind to the environment, that might be fun.

British Humanist Association

For funerals, weddings and namings, the British Humanist Association can put you in touch with local celebrants.


There may be some family jewellery, or buy from antique shops or commission local skilled crafts people to make bespoke jewellery, 
or choose ethically-mined and sold gold - this makes a lot of difference to the lives of miners and their communities.


Often cars are hired to drive a couple of people and their guests just a few miles - using a more environmentally friendly option can also save money. If the venue is less than a mile, why not walk? Alternatively use public transport,  or a horse and carriage.  See Getting Around section and or Wellington horse and carriage co.

Wellington Carriage Company

Provides elegant and traditional wedding carriages across Telford, Wolverhampton and Shropshire.