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For children's celebrations and birthdays, see Family and Leisure, and Countryside and Wildlife sections.

Jewellery                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              There may be some family jewellery, or choose ethical jewellery or buy from antique shops or commission local skilled crafts people to make bespoke jewellery.  Ethically mined and sold gold, for jewellery.

balloons and sky lanterns

Balloons, their strings and labels,  when let go of, fall back to earth and can be ingested by grazing animals, birds or marine creatures, so the Marine Conservation Society suggests we don't use balloons.  So-called biodegradeable ones may take 4 years to disapper - that's not very biodegradeable, and they could do damage til then.

Sky lanterns similarly cause fires and litter and sometimes havoc when they fall back to land. More and more councils are not allowing these to be let off on council land ,  has a few alternative ideas,

Hat Trix

new to you hats for special occasions