You’ll find information here about money-free exchange, saving, borrowing, insuring and giving money.

You could think about how ‘dark green’ or ‘light green’ you want to be in your saving/giving. Some people don’t want to invest in/give to companies or organisations unless they are squeaky clean (the dark green approach). Others feel that if they invest in a company which seems to be going in the right direction (light green) this will encourage them to greater effort.


Blue and Green tomorrow (sustainable investing)

Latest analysis on green investment across the globe

Charities Aid Foundation

  Works to transform the way donations are made to charities and the way charitable funds are managed. Administers charity-giving for individuals including claiming Gift Aid on their behalf.

Charity Giving

 Online service which will administer your charity giving and claim Gift Aid on your behalf. Also offers practical advice and co-ordination of fundraising efforts.

Climate Change initiative

The Climate Change Initiative is working to build “climate bonds” that will meet the demands of big institutional investors. If you are able to influence decision-making by an institutional investor (eg through unions), then you may be interested in this site.


Co-operative Bank/Smile

The Co-op (and its internet arm, Smile) offer current and savings accounts that were known to be ethical Since recent difficulties there is now doubt. 

Community clothing

UK made clothing



 gives information about UK individuals and community groups that are looking for money to start a project. You can choose what to give. Or you can ask for funding.


Engage Account

Ethical alternative banking with local Credit Union

Ethical Consumer

Compares a large number of banks, insurance companies and product brands on a range of ethical criteria including the environment and product sustainability


The Foundation for the economics of sustainability, a charity, based in Ireland.

Fossil Free UK

Fossil Free is a growing international divestment campaign group

Freegle (replaces freecycle)

Offer things you no longer use and ask for things you want that other people may no longer need. As long as you give away things you don’t want (ie don’t charge) and keep things that you do want (ie you mustn’t sell them on), it’s all free and local.

Funding Circle

Peer-to-peer website to help businesses find loans quickly and investors to invest in a business they understand. There are no middlemen. Connects people who want to invest money with vetted, established businesses who want to borrow money. Lenders can look at the list of companies that want loans and choose according to their interest/the level of risk they are prepared to take. Businesses can advertise their needs. NB Loans are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme


Just Credit Union Ltd.


Community Bank for Shropshire – check on the website
Not for profit, members only, ethical & local financial co-operative. Open to any resident or worker in Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin. Save small or large amounts. Loans at affordable rates on a flexible repayment basis. Current accounts, ATM use and direct debit payments.

1A Castle Gates

Just Giving

 A free online fundraising service, with automatic Gift Aid reclaim service.



(Local Exchange & Trading System) skills exchange scheme, avoids using money.

Naturesave Insurance Policies

Green insurance for companies, charities and individuals

Positive Money

Organisation that campaigns against the control and creation of the money supply by the private banks which it regards as the fundamental cause of the big issues of today including climate change


 Information about and advice on the best way of giving - mainly larger amounts. connected with Crowdfunder

Responsible Finance

 local organisations that provide access to Fair Finance.They lend money to small businesses, social enterprises and charities, and individuals who struggle to get finance from high street banks. They can be a good source of finance and can also be a good way to invest your money. 

Share Energy

Investing in community energy ...(see renewable ENERGY schemes)

Shared Interest

An ethical investment co-operative which invests your money in fair-trade businesses. These are sustainable/environmentally responsible. “Justice not profit is our bottom line”. 

The Ecology Building Society

Savings accounts and specialist mortgages. It lends to people who are building/developing in an environmentally sensitive way.


Triodos Bank

Banking:both current and savings, investment, fund management etc. Lends your money to socially/environmentally responsible businesses - you can see who on their website.

Voted Best Current Account (summer 2018) by Ethical Consumer, for being  uniquely transparent on everything.It provides an Annual list of all the loans it has made.


UK Sustainable Investment and Finance (UKSIF)

An organisation which gives advice on “impact investment” which generates environmental good. Guides for charities, churches and financial advisers

Your ethical money

Get independent, non-profit info on what banks do with your money, compare green and ethical investments or find an ethical financial adviser.


Peer-to-peer website.  Individuals can apply for loans. NB Loans are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme

“Zopa is the pioneer of peer-to-peer lending, which uses the internet to cut out the banks entirely. It matches savers with individuals who want to borrow, leaving out the bank and offering better rates all round.”

— The Guardian