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How can we use our money in a “green” way? In his book Prosperity without Growth Tim Jackson puts it neatly. “Green” is anything linked to ecological transformation (such as sustainable agriculture, ecosystem protection, energy efficient buildings and grid, public transportation, ecological maintenance and enhancement) and also community-based ecological enterprises which have a low-carbon footprint (such as food, health, community education and arts, maintenance & repair, recreation).

Community clothing

UK made clothing


Ethical Consumer

Compares a large number of banks, insurance companies and product brands on a range of ethical criteria including the environment and product sustainability

Naturesave Insurance Policies

Green insurance for companies, charities and individuals

Responsible Finance

 local organisations that provide access to Fair Finance.They lend money to small businesses, social enterprises and charities, and individuals who struggle to get finance from high street banks. They can be a good source of finance and can also be a good way to invest your money. 

Share Energy

Investing in community energy ...(see renewable ENERGY schemes)

Triodos Bank

Banking:both current and savings, investment, fund management etc. Lends your money to socially/environmentally responsible businesses - you can see who on their website.

Voted Best Current Account (summer 2018) by Ethical Consumer, for being  uniquely transparent on everything.It provides an Annual list of all the loans it has made.