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The usual way to get a loan is from a bank or building society.
Best to avoid pay-day companies and similar schemes which charge very high rates of interest.
There is information about getting loans in the sections “Saving: other” and “Giving”.


 gives information about UK individuals and community groups that are looking for money to start a project. You can choose what to give. Or you can ask for funding.


Just Credit Union Ltd.


Community Bank for Shropshire – check on the website
Not for profit, members only, ethical & local financial co-operative. Open to any resident or worker in Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin. Save small or large amounts. Loans at affordable rates on a flexible repayment basis. Current accounts, ATM use and direct debit payments.

1A Castle Gates


Peer-to-peer website.  Individuals can apply for loans. NB Loans are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme

“Zopa is the pioneer of peer-to-peer lending, which uses the internet to cut out the banks entirely. It matches savers with individuals who want to borrow, leaving out the bank and offering better rates all round.”

— The Guardian