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Co-operative Bank/Smile

The Co-op (and its internet arm, Smile) offer current and savings accounts that were known to be ethical Since recent difficulties there is now doubt. 

Just Credit Union Ltd.


Community Bank for Shropshire – check on the website
Not for profit, members only, ethical & local financial co-operative. Open to any resident or worker in Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin. Save small or large amounts. Loans at affordable rates on a flexible repayment basis. Current accounts, ATM use and direct debit payments.

1A Castle Gates

Responsible Finance

 local organisations that provide access to Fair Finance.They lend money to small businesses, social enterprises and charities, and individuals who struggle to get finance from high street banks. They can be a good source of finance and can also be a good way to invest your money. 

Shared Interest

An ethical investment co-operative which invests your money in fair-trade businesses. These are sustainable/environmentally responsible. “Justice not profit is our bottom line”. 

Triodos Bank

Banking:both current and savings, investment, fund management etc. Lends your money to socially/environmentally responsible businesses - you can see who on their website.

Voted Best Current Account (summer 2018) by Ethical Consumer, for being  uniquely transparent on everything.It provides an Annual list of all the loans it has made.