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This company seems to have relocated to Whitchurch.  For a price, they will collect your old mattress, sofa or carpeting.

Unit 11
Prees Industrial Estate
01948 840 251


Compost, made from  our local kerbside green waste, sold loose in bulk to farmers and landscape gardeners, can be delivered.

01743 821226


 Al cans have only been around since 1965.  Wash and squash these lightweight cans, and put in your recycling box with your other tin cans for fortnightly kerbside collections - also clean aluminium foil e.g. milk bottle tops , from chocolate, nightlights, pie / take away trays, aerosols, deodorant cans, some metal tubes e.g. tomato puree, and fizzy drinks cans. There are skips at supermarkets too, and at Battlefield HRC. You can buy new recycled foil: www.ecotopia.co.uk   (See also tin cans - easily recognized as they magnetic.)
If the object you squash stays scrunched, then its aluminium. If not its probably a plastic/aluminium composite eg some toothpaste tubes, crisp packets, pet food sachets and coffee wrappers are mostly plastic and not able to be recycled.


A highly dangerous material. You can take to the Battlefield HRC and place in skip for safe disposal but please ring 0345 678 9007 in advance for advice.


There are so many textile and woven bags around , often free or very cheap, and re-useable time and time again, that no-one should need a plastic bag.

Clever Baggers Fox Building, Severn Rd., Welshpool SY21 7AZ. T: 0845 2600393  will sell and print in bulk.
(Also see plastic bags,)


You should now be able to take them back to the place where you bought them, supermarkets, also virtually all public buildings in Shropshire have battery recycling bins in reception, for these throw-aways are manufactured from nasty chemicals, which used to end up in landfill.  YOU CAN NOW recycle household batteries from the kerbside - please put them in a clear plastic bag and put them on your recycling box in a place wherfe the crews can easily see them.

Use rechargeable batteries with rechargers whenever possible.  See  W:  www.batterylogic.co.uk)  for a question and answer session, or  T: 0800 666 4668

Better still, buy wind-up or solar-powered radios and torches, now more widely available.

Car Batteries must  be taken to Battlefield HRC for professional disposal.  (The lead content is recycled but the acid needs to be neutralised before it can be disposed of).

Watch batteries can be returned for recycling to Timpsons (under the market), or can be recycled along with other household batteries, in shops, supermarkets, etc.


Bicycles can often be mended, reused, and customised. Local bike shops can repair, including in  the Market Hall. Broken bike metal can be recycled at the scrap metal bays at Battlefield HRC.
gocycling-Shropshire will come and mend your bike at home.


Re-cycle - a national charity that sends unwanted bikes to Africa, has a drop off point at Halfords, Telford.  tel 01952 290414   W:www.re-cycle.org


Books are very energy and materials inefficient, so always recycle, and buy second hand. Keep the library open (Shrewsbury Library is beautiful!), so borrow books – it’s free!
Publishers are waking up to seeing the environmental impact of new paper books 
Donate to charity shops (esp Oxfam, Dogpole libraries, or book banks.)

www.bookcrossing.com - website to follow ideas, journeys and histories of books left in a public place to be picked up and read by others – free, who then do likewise.

Read, recycle and swap and talk about books online. You can recycle book paper and it's cardbard cover , in the blue kerbside bag.

Battlefield HRC accepts used books for re-use and recycling.


 Recycle these for charity at Battlefield HRC. Bras are in short supply in African countries


Made of polythene - smallish amounts can be recycled with plastic bags in larger supermarkets, like Sainsbury and Morrisons.  Larger peices can be given away, or used to protect fragile plants, or to line greenhouses.

Building Materials

Don’t tip these, they may be useful to builders, or reclamation yards such as Loosemores in Battlefield who sell and buy all types of recycled rubble and aggregate   T: 01743 443 156.
Battlefield HRC will recycle small quantities.

Bulky Household Waste

If you cannot transport items to the Battlefield HRC yourself, you can ring the Council for a chargeable collection, (T: 0345 678 9007). These collections are now run by charitable organisations involved in recycling, so there is some benefit to the community. However its far better to avoid the item ever becoming ‘waste’ in the first place, so check it can’t be used by someone else, see Freegle.org.uk or a Furniture Scheme. Businesses, trailers and large vehicles can’t dump stuff at Battlefield HRC - if in doubt, ring for a permit.


Aluminium, ferrous (human and pet foods) and aerosol cans can both go in your kerbside recycling box. Wash and squash, please,or ifvery large amounts to Battlefield HRC.



Cardboard  -  Shrewsbury residents can now recycle card with all kinds of paper at the fornightly kerbside collection in free blue plastic bags. More info at www.recycleforshropshire.com

Greetings Cards can be recycled in your kerbside paper collection.
Ensure the card comes from sustainable forestry, or is made of recycled paper.
You can send E-cards by using FoE’s efficient and free service:

Throughout January, WH Smith and Tesco and TK Maxx usually  take back greetings cards for recycling for charity.
Headway Shropshire, Holsworth Park, Oxon Business Park, Shrewsbury SY3 5HJ   T: 01743 365271 -  their day centre clients can recycle old greetings cards into new.


Abandoned vehicles are an eyesore and a safety issue. Report them to the Council  - 0845 678 9009.
New EU ruling means cars can now be scrapped free.

Salop Car Breakers, Unit 6/7 Monkmoor Industrial Estate, Shrewsbury. 01743 242108

Car Oil – very toxic and illegal to dump in water supply, take  to Battlefields HRC, as it can be recycled.


A good packaging material that biodegrades quicker than leaves! Made from digesting wood and cotton pulp in a series of chemical  baths.

Cigarette Filters

We have all seen discarded cigarette ends outside buildings, and along streets, perhaps not realising the global problem they cause. Almost all Cigarette filters are a combination of a type of PLASTIC (cellulose acetate) and toxic tobacco remnants.
They can be carried through storm drains to streams, rivers and oceans.

The PLASTIC in the filter itself is NON-Biodegradable waste.  [Eventually UV rays from the sun break the plastic into smaller microplastics that can find their way into the food chain, via oceans and marine life].
They are the most pervasive form of litter in the world.
We may think we are just ‘flicking away’ paper and tobacco…….yet  there is NO AWAY.

As long ago as October 2015 ,The World Health Organisation stated …. this waste may also prove to be a significant environmental contaminant and potential human health hazard through bio-accumulation in the food chain.
If there is no other option throw cig end into the dustbin.

Clothes And Shoes

All parts of textiles and shoes, bags and belts can be recycled and reused – even into industrial rags or underfelt, so never just bin them. Give good quality clean items to Jumble sales or charity shops, for reuse and resale, and thus fundraising, or second-best place them in clothing skips at supermarket recycling centres, and at Battlefield HRC, which also has a skip for
- Bras - recycled for Cancer Research or take them to M&S who pass them on to Oxfam.

- H & M, Castle St, Shrewsbury, will receive and recycle your old clean clothes, proceeds going to charities. They have an organic range.




Have you always wanted to get involved a clothes swap but don't know where to start?

Are you concerned about the effect on the environment of fast fashion? Do you question the working conditions of those in the garment making industry in developing countries? Do you want to consume less and recycle more?

Jackie and Naomi have been organising neighbourhood clothes swaps for 10 years and they would love to share their simple, no frills formula to running a successful clothes swap in your street/ group.

email us at jackiejonesfacebook@gmail.com for free help and advice.

Coffee Grounds

You can ask Starbucks, and now, Ginger and Co Coffee in Princess St. for theirs, to take home to add to compost. Also said to be a good slug repellant in small quantities!  Ask other cafes, to encourage composting!

You can also grow oyster mushrooms on old coffee grounds


Coins and Currency

Many charities collect old currency, British and foreign. Also banks. Leave foreign money at the port or airport of other countries for their local charities. Local charity, Omega care for life, will accept any coins and currency (as well as paperbacks, stamps and mobile phones) at their HQ at London  House, Town Walls, Shrewsbury SY1 1TX.  9-5pm. weekdays www.omega.uk.net


Make your own, to enrich the quality of your soil.  Worm composters  make very rich compost and can sit under the sink. Lakeland, Mardol sell containers for kitchen veg waste prior to composting.  If you buy compost from nurseries or garden centres, make sure it contains no peat. (see Home and Garden section for more about compost bins etc)

Shropshire Council and Veolia run a Master Composter programme.  For more details of this group, contact catherineslaytor@veolia.com

Bokashi buckets, www.bokashidirect.co.uk are useful, as they ferment all household kitchen waste, including meat, fish, dairy and even bones.  The resulting stuff can be used as a good soil conditioner and a plant food liquid too.


They contain hazardous waste materials, and need to be disposed of safely at Battlefield HRC. Or they may be mended and re-used, or if they are completely broken, they can still be dismantled for recycling (in the UK):-

Salop Computer Centre, Trade Counter 2, Battlefield Rd, Shrewsbury SY14AN.   01743 233550   http://www.salopcomputercentre.co.uk  repair and recycle.  Also take used printer cartridges.

Shrewsbury based Go-to IT Fix IT, http://www.gotofixit.uk/ will offer repairs on the spot if practical.

Wrexham firm safely collect, destroy data and recycle parts.   01978 448019  http://www.usedpcjob.co.uk
http://www.enviro-pc.com  Collect old computers from colleges, universities, businesses, and homes for processing, sorting for re-use, and stripped into component parts. They also offer lowcost or free to low-income rural families or people in need, they dispose and recycle within the UK.

Computers for Africa,
Visit towns for a few days, to collect old computers that must be less than 5 years old. They visit Shrewsbury 4 times a year    01622 750323    www.computers4africa.org.uk

South Shropshire Furniture Scheme
Ludlow SY8 1RL www.furniturescheme.co.uk    Refurbish computers. Recycling and carpentry workshop, accredited training, tea room, & reuse centre.
Computer Cartridges
Computer printer cartridges can be refilled. Toners are the large, commercial ones, filled with dust colour, inkjets are wet and used in smaller, domestic pcs and can be refilled while you wait at:-                     

Cartridge World, www.shrewsbury.cartridgeworld.co.uk ,  local supplier of low cost and high quality refilled inkjet and laser printer cartridges.

Ink World,  182 Abbey Foregate, SY2 6AH   T: 01743 246 869   Order online with free delivery at  www.ink-world.co.uk/store

Recycle used printer cartridges – only 10% are presently recycled, so to recycle,  take to Tesco, Charity shops, Ryman stationers, the Guildhall reception area and Battlefield HRC.    Also:-
- Action Aid  0845 3100 200   www.greensourcesolutions.co.uk  - collect ink & toner cartridges by giving freepost bags (and free collection boxes for offices). Recycle  lots of electronics too.

- Cartridge Express   0113 2428935

- Environmental Computer Recycling - an IT recycling company who collect from businesses in mainland UK, within 20 mile radius of Birmingham.  0121 472 3444.  www.computer-recycling-and-removals.co.uk

Contact Lenses

DO NOT throw into toilet or sink  (sewage works can't safely dispose, they will get shredded and end up in the sea).....recycle with the original packaging back to the place where bought, if possible.  Or bin them.

Shrewsbury Optometry in Dogpole, or Boots Opticians will safely recycle. ( See also www.acuvue.co.uk/recycle)



Try to choose containers that may be recyclable, with minimal packaging. e.g. glass perfume bottles can be recycled with jars and wine bottles, most plastic pots can be recycled in the plastic kerbside collection.  A wide rang of soaps, of course, are sold in paper wrappers - easily recyclable.  See plastics section for details about how cosmetics and beauty products have tiny microbeads in their ingredients, which are causing havoc for marine and land life.  Their use will only be partially banned, so please investigate carefully these products. The Shrewsbury United Reformed Church will take certain cosmetic plastics for recycling,  ( see www.surc.co.uk)


crisp packaging

Crisp manufacturer Walkers are recycling any make of crisp package. Large amounts can be boxed and returned by their courier. Small amounts are collected at The United Reformed Church office, in centre of Gyratory traffic system by English Bridge (limited opening times).. 

United Reformed Church
Coleham Head
01743 368932

Environmental Computer Recycling

IT recycling company, who collect from companies in mainland UK.

0121 472 3444


Community Computer help to Fix hardware or/and help with IT software problems.

Check website for opening hours


Roy Fletcher Centre
Cross Hill