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Drinking Straws

Plastic straws will soon be banned in Scotland. Once used, the plastic ones may take centuries to disintegrate, and then stay as tiny, dangerous to wildlife particles. Plenty of alternatives - bamboo, metal, glass, silicone, or best of all, and simplest by far, buy locally paper straws.

Duvets and washable pillows

In good condition, these are sometimes accepted by Furniture Schemes and The Ark (Homeless Charity), (check first).

Otherwise, try Dogs Homes eg. RSPCA Dorrington  0300 123 0753 or The Dogs Trust at Roden 01952 770225 and Dog Samaritans in Church Stretton.


Electric Appliances


The WEEE Directive (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) states that such waste must be reclaimed, and there is a designated bay at Battlefield Household Recycling Centre for this.

- Get electrical objects repaired rather than discard, creating valuable employment too.
Industry Council for Electronic Equipment Recycling
T: 020 7729 4766    www.icer.org.uk

- Info on manufacturers who recycle.
Recycle components or metals contained in used or discarded electronic equipment.

- Shropshire Council
T: 0345 678 9007
Will take away a defunct fridge or cooker (for a small fee).
Donate reasonable items to Furniture Schemes

- Frankwell Appliances
20, Frankwell, Shrewsbury
T: 01743 356625
Sells reconditioned appliances.

- Stokes of Shrewsbury
60 Mardol, SY1 1PP
T: 01743 355752
Sell reconditioned appliances at ½ the new price, and do spares & repairs.
(for large-scale recycling  WEEE of electrical goods, see the business/office section for Blue Sky Plastics Recycling, who process plastics for reuse.)

- Small electrical appliances - Asda has a dedicated skip.


Re-use by sticking labels over previous addresses. (Shrewsbury Foe no longer sell these). It's no longer necessary to remove and discard plastic windows from envelopes before recycling in with paper!

Film Cases

Take back to Boots photographic dept. for recycling.

Fluorescent Lights

Fluorescent Lights (and low energy light bulbs)
These are hazardous waste, containing mercury, and must be taken to Battlefield HRC for safe recycling.
IKEA stores will accept them back, too.  Sainsburys, Meole Brace also accept them for safe recycling.  Other supermarkets will follow.

- Bulk lights – Recyclite T: 0800 358 5440 or 01953 451111
Will supply storage boxes and organise collections for recycling.


Waste food as it rots creates methane in landfill, so eat it all up!. We recommend you only compost raw food and not meat, fish, bread or dairy. If you want to compost cooked food you should be use a wormery instead.  ( More on composting and see Wiggly Wigglers in Home & Garden section).
Of course it is better to avoid waste in the first place though, so try not to waste so much food, the average family could save about £60 per month on shopping bills!

You can now put any waste cooked foods, meat, cheese and kitchen greens etc in compostable (plastic) bags, and add them to the green garden waste wheelie bin for fortnightly roadside collection.

 SHREWSBURY FOOD HUB - Fantastic new and fast-developing charity for receiving,. collecting and delivering unwanted food from all sorts of shops/supermarkets, and getting it to where it's most needed.  In its first yearIt has fed over 2,000 people a week, and rescued 14 tonnes of food, and is helping 36 community groups.


- A new active national website for giving/receiving something you don’t/ do want, saving stuff going into landfill. www.efreeko.co.uk
A free version of ebay, giving things away instead of selling them.

- Freegle (replaces freecycle) in Shrewsbury. 5800  locals use this grassroots, and growing, free, non-profit local recycling opportunity. You offer something you don’t need on the web, goods or services for free, or look to acquire something you need  yourself.   A bonus is  it keeps unwanted stuff out of  landfill.   To join, see  Local Shrewbury Group:     www.freegle.in/shrewsbury
Local group via Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/ShrewsburyFreegle
For national information:    www.ilovefreegle.org



see electric appliances


Don't chuck it, it can be re-used, repaired, customised.
If you donate to a furniture scheme, this may produce useful training work in mending, and the furniture is then sold on cheaply to households in need:-

 Shrewsbury Furniture Scheme (also known as Home Essentials), Unit 9b HartleyBusiness Centre, off Monkmoor Road, 01743 246 668 www.shrewsburyfurniturescheme.com Mon-Thur 10 - 4pm, Fri 10 - 2.

Their shop, Home Essentials, in Castle Street, Shrewsbury, open ; Mon-Sat 9.30 - 4.30  sells large furniture, financially supports the scheme, and stops more items going to landfill.  Phone to donate, have stuff collected or to receive if on a low income or in need. . Free collection in S’bury.
At their Monkmoor place, they can recycle glass, metal, wood, non-working electrical items and plastic.

British Heart Foundation   www.bhf.org.uk will collect  furniture and electrical items

Crane Quality Counselling : Donated  Furniture and Household goods  for sale from Shop at 51-52 Mardol. SY1 1PP. They collect free.The sales support this Local Charity offering a counselling service Tel: 01743 272303

REVIIVE - Unit 4, Knights Park, Battlefield Enterprise Park, Sy1 3AB. (next to Screwfix).01743 588458   www.reviive.co.uk    Mon-fri 10-5.  Sat 10am-4pm.
New re-use store, selling household items and furniture, supporting people in need, and offering training.

South Shropshire Furniture Scheme,  The Renaissance Centre, Ludlow SY1 1RL. 01584 877751 www.furniturescheme.co.uk
Computer refurbishing/recycling workshop, accredited training, carpentry workshop, tea room and shops.
Collects donated furniture.


Put bottles and jars in the green box for recycling collections.

Pyrex, window glass or incandescent light bulb glass can’t be recycled -  there's a special skip at Battlefield HRC, also for used fluorescent lights.

Cheese plates, olive dishes, spoon rests and lemon boards, made of recycled green and blue glass bottles by Sarah Hill, T: 01939 236 478  www.sarahhillglass.co.uk

(There is a box for special glass donations for Sarah Hill at Battlefield Recycling Centre)

shrewsbury furniture scheme aka HOME Essentials

in Monkmoor .....to donate or retrieve used  furniture, including electricals


see detail under FURNITURE

UK IT Recycling

recycle ALL waste ELECTRICAL/Electronic goods EXCEPT TVs AND FRIDGES    they are about 4 miles from the Town Centre so may be closer than going to Battlefield.

pitchford Road
01743 761278