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Everyday harmful Plastics

Surprisingly there are small items that we may not realise contain harmful plastic.  Some of these are :

Contact Lens, Cigarette Filter tips,  Cotton Buds with plastic stems.Glitter. (more details in this Recycling section)

These small items can easily get into water courses, so small that they cannot be filtered and then break down further and harm water life/fish and may return to the food chain.

Hazardous Waste

eg. Oil, paint, varnish, chemicals – anything which is dangerous, flammable, explosive poisonous etc)
Don’t bin it! Take to Battlefield Household Recycling Centre for safe disposal.

House Clearances

Brian Taylor Antiques and House Clearances
All types undertaken; of houses,offices,workshops,sheds and garages, anything useful sold on or given to charity.
Other materials recycled where possible. Free,no obligation quotes/valuations.  m: 07754 084949

01743 244626

Incineration ( now called energy recovery facility)

Shropshire Council Planning Committee refused planning permission, but Veolia appealed and won after a public enquiry.

Shrewsbury foe campaigned against the incinerator from the moment it was announced and were a major opponent at the Inquiry.  The reasons for campaigning are still valid:-

1.    It is expensive

2.    It removes the incentive to push for maximum recycling.

3.    There are concerns that the emissions to atmosphere are detrimental to health.

4.    Only 25% of the potential energy is utilised to prduce electricity.  Heat recovery and use could raise overall energy efficiencyt to 70-80%.

Veolia have managed to process and recycle all the ash as a construction material and are investigating whether it is feasible to provide some heat to a close-by processing plant.

These are positive developments and although no domestic waste is now going to landfill, the hope must be that in future systems and processes are adopted that do maximise recycling and avoid the detrimental effects of incineration.



These can now be recycled at Lunts Chemists, Boots, Asda and Tesco.

Ink-Jet & Laser Cartridges

There are a number of charities who welcome your recycled inkjet cartridges, mobile phones sat.navs,digital cameras etc.

Ask your charity for a special recycling envelope  or go direct to www.therecyclingfactory.com

Further info  under Computers


Junk Mail

 In 2009, 11 billion pieces of it were delivered in the UK. www.stopjunkmail.org.uk  has firm/polite letterbox stickers.    Register for opt out options with www.junkbuster.org.uk   or www.mpsonline.org.uk    or   www.stayprivate.org

Light Bulbs

These energy-guzzling incandescent bulbs are no longer permitted to be sold, and  they can’t be recycled.  Energy-saving fluorescent bulbs and strip lights can be recycled at Battlefield Household Recycling Centre.


Give to libraries, schools, doctors’, dentists’ or vets’ waiting rooms, or recycle with newspapers.


AAT Recycling. This Whitchurch-based company recycle or re-purpose mattresses, sofa beds, chairs, and all types of electrical appliances.

Unit 5/6 Prees Industrial Estate, Whitchurch, SY13 2JD.  They can collect, but will charge.

T: 01948 840251    m. 07522849380.   W. www.aatrecycling.





Unwanted or unused - creams, liquids, tablets or inhalers should all be returned to your chemists for safe disposal.


Battlefield Household Recycling Centre has a scrap metal skip. CheckYellow pages for your nearest local scrap dealer.
WJ Furber, Upper Battlefield, Shrewsbury.   T: 0783 417 5195
buy and sell any scrap metals, including cars (not fridges or al cans). Open 8-5, Mon-Fri.

Mobile Phones

It is really worthwhile to recycle mobile phones –a tonne of ore from a gold mine produces just 5 grams (0.18 ounce) of gold on average, whereas a tonne of discarded mobile phones can yield 150 grams (5.3 ounce) or more of solid gold!!! The same volume of discarded mobile phones also contains around 100 kg (220 lb) of copper and 3 kg (6.6 lb) of silver, among other metals. They also take energy to make, and waste energy if chargers aren’t unplugged, so recycling is essential. Return your phone to where it was purchased or take it Battlefield HRC, where their sale proceeds are donated to Hope House Children's Hospice, Oswestry. Or charities like Oxfam and Cancer Research benefit by receiving old phones for resale etc. (National Foe receives a donation if you send them your old one – see www.foe.co.uk/phonerecycle ) www.fonebak.com recycle them, this helps Children in Need. Another local charity, Omega Care for Life, accepts mobile phones for safe recycling. tel 01743 245088. www.omega.uk.net (see coins and currency for more details).


re-conditioned Kitchen appliances, vacuum cleaners etc. Repairs and replacement parts.

60 Mardol
01743 355752