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Did you know? Households in Shropshire produce around 150,000 tonnes of waste every single year – a staggering amount which costs the taxpayer around £30 million pounds a year to deal with.  All this waste results in around 11 million individual collections and around 500,000 trips to the ‘tip’ every single year – it means that huge heavy refuse and recycling trucks drive over 2 million miles a year to do the collections (which is the same as driving round the earth 80 times!!) and it means each individual in Shropshire is producing about 550kg of waste per annum – about seven times their own body weight – the equivalent to a small car  – more than one tonne from every single household!  Shocking! Whilst its great that most folk are now into the habit of separating their waste out and so the majority (~53%) of this waste is now being recycled (or composted) it is clear that we still have a lot of work to do and with ever rising waste disposal charges and the “resource crunch” faced by some of our key industries we are going to have to improve on this and recycle more.  Also whilst recycling is good it would be far better if we all just produced less waste in the first place!