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local People often ask –
“What happens to all our waste, is it all being recycled?”
Yes it does, and here’s where, and it’s virtually all in the UK!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Batteries to G&P Batteries Ltd
Smelted into new materials.

Cans to Alu Trade
Steel and aluminium mills for re-manufacture.

Fridges to Aquaforce near Wolverhampton
CFC extraction & recycling of components.

Garden waste - On-farm, at Ford, and other local farms in Shropshire,
To make in situ soil improver.

Glass to Recresco, Ellesmere Port.
To make new.

Paper to Shotton Paper, Deeside
To produce newsprint.

Plastic bottles and plastic pots, tubs and trays to Closed Loop Recycling, Dagenham
processed back into drinks bottles & packaging

Textiles & Shoes to BCR Global in Birmingham
Sorting, reuse and recycling.

Wood – to A&A Recycling in Birmingham for shredding and sorting into good clean recyclable wood which ends up at places like Kronospan in Chirk to make panelboard and lower grade wood is used to make “green” energy in dedicated biomass power plant in south wales.

TVs to Recycling Lives - a social enterprise in Preston, Lancs, to be reused and recycled.

Tetra Pak have launched a bring bank scheme which is free for local councils, all the material is taken back to their Swedish plant by boat for recycling

Frith Resource Management

Provide advice and expertise in environmental and sustainable waste management fields

01746 552423

Recycling in Shropshire

'Shropshire now recycles,re-uses or composts 50.9% of our household waste.  Very small fluctuations over recent years.  As well as recycling,  a lot of rubbish is now diverted for energy production via Incineration.

 We have come a long way since 2002/3, when  96% of Shropshire's waste went to landfill.

All 5 of Shropshire's household recycling centres are open 9-5, 7 days per week. But not Christmas, Boxing or New Year's Day.