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Don’t use paper nappies, theycontain plastic, and they don’t decompose, and are polluting all through their lifecycle. Reusable terry towel nappies can prevent this waste, and you could save about £800 over the lifetime of just one baby! (lots more in Family and Leisure section). Analysis of what’s in our bins in Shropshire has shown that disposable nappies make up about 4% of total household waste. This means an incredible 6,000 tonnes of disposable nappies end up buried in landfill sites in Shropshire every year.
If you want to help tackle this waste mountain and save yourself some money, and get lots of good info, then contact The Nappy Lady via their website.

Office and House Clearance

Office Furniture, IT Equipment and Telecoms clared free of charge for re-use as a 2nd user product.
Also houses and lofts cleared.

0121 472 3444


Disposing of mineral oils down drain or sink is illegal.  You can recycle engine and heating oil at Battlefield HRC.  It's collected and recycled into a new type of heating oil.  Separately used vegetable oil from cooking can also be recycled  at Battlefield HRC, it's reprocessed and then used to provide electricity and heat.  See http://www.livingfuels.co.uk   for other areas.


So much waste is involved insome of the non-recyclable materials used for packaging,  such as plastics made from a non-renewable resource, like oil.  It's possible to choose to buy things in bulk, which cuts down on the materials used, or use paper bags or cardboard, which can be recycled, re-used,  or composted.  It's possible to always choose products which have the least packaging, or request the manufacturers to try a bit harder.

The Industry Council for Packaging and the Environment (incpen) is a research organisation, representing manufacturers - there is lots of useful info on why and how items are packaged in the way they are.     www.incpen.org

The Wool Packaging Company Ltd
Stable Court, Oakley, Market Drayton, Shropshire TF9 4AG.
T: 01630 415 008
Wool-insulated boxes made from degradable fibreboard, brilliant and local alternative to polystyrene, etc.


- Scrappies (in Church Stretton)
T: 01694 722511 Will take paint, emulsion or gloss, as long as there is more than half a tin. Phone before travel.

- Battlefield HRC for safe disposal.

-  charity Community RePaint in Telford . 
www.communityrepaint.org.uk(see Chairs & Spares above)

- See New Life Paints made from recycled paint at http://www.newlifepaints.com


Unwrap presents carefully, and reuse the wrapping paper. Put out newspapers, magazines, catalogues, etc. in the  fortnightly recycling box. Don’t forget to tear up or shred private bills and financial documents, and recycle with the green waste, or compost or use as animal bedding, as shredded paper can't go in with the paper green box.

No need to remove envelope windows,  as these are made from cellulose.


From diy building projects can be recycled in a skip at the Battlefield Household Recycling Centre.