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Cave Records

Cave Records sells new and old records.

28, The Parade, St. Mary's Place.

Clothes And Shoes

All parts of textiles and shoes, bags and belts can be recycled and reused – even into industrial rags or underfelt, so never just bin them. Give good quality clean items to Jumble sales or charity shops, for reuse and resale, and thus fundraising, or second-best place them in clothing skips at supermarket recycling centres, and at Battlefield HRC, which also has a skip for
- Bras - recycled for Cancer Research or take them to M&S who pass them on to Oxfam.

- H & M, Castle St, Shrewsbury, will receive and recycle your old clean clothes, proceeds going to charities. They have an organic range.




We've noticed how many rags end up being burnt in the incinerator at Battlefield.  Unnecessary waste, as all the 16 charity shops in Shrewsbury can earn extra money from selling on their rags to rag merchants, who can sell on for  re-manufacture for texitle products like carpet underlay etc.  To help the charities out, please make sure whether you are giving them clothes and white goods, or rags, and label the bag so it's clear. They ask that no-one leaves any bags outside their premises after closing time, as these canNOT be used due to possible contamination.   See also clothes.

Recycle now

Website packed with info on recycling, composting etc.also for schools.


Take back your Ecover cleaning product plastic bottles for refilling - to  Pomona,Castle Gates.(see Food Section).  (Ecover washing-up  containers are now made of 100% recycled PCR plastic, and by end of 2019, all their bottles will be.)


sells recycled, mended, used furniture

Unit 4, Knights Park
Battlefield Enterprise Park


Recycles hard plastic cups


Open 10-5 Wed. 10-4 Thurs,Fri and Sat
Collects worthwhile scrap and sorts and stores it in their shops, then sells it to members, who use it in art and craft activities to benefit the education of children. Scrappies also run workshops so children and adults can learn about recycling and reusing materials whilst creating with a local artist. (They will receive any new and interesting stock, and suggest you get in touch by phone first.)  or info@scrappies.org

1 Sherratt Court,
Beaumont Road,
Church Stretton,
01694 328 508

Severn Hospice Superstore

Receive and sell homewares, bric a brac, books, linen handbags, shoes and jewellery, clothing, electrical items, small furniture, collectables and antiques. CDs, DVDs, toys and games.    Mon-Sat  9 - 5

They have a separate  large furniture  store.  01743 364157.

Beacalls Lane,
01743 211075


can be repaired and resoled, at a fraction of the original purchase cost. Most charity shops or clothes banks will be able to reuse or recycle them. Or Clarks, in Pride Hill Shopping Centre, will recycle for UNICEF.

Shrewsbury Food Hub

The Shrewsbury Food Hub is an umbrella group for charities and projects in Shrewsbury/Shropshire that feed people as part of their daily work and who can benefit from donations of surplus food from local companies. We aim to cut down Shropshire's food waste and help conserve our planet's natural resources

Cwm Harry
Unit H, Vastre Industrial Estate
01686 626234

Shrewsbury Repair Cafe

Broken toaster, hoover, trousers with a broken zip cluttering up your house? Bring them to the repair cafe and our friendly volunteers will help you repair them.

01743 366771

Soil And Rubble

There is a specific skip for this at Battlefield Household Recycling Centre..


Can be reglazed.  Battlefield  HRC and  most opticians accept old pairs (in good condition), or they can be posted for reuse to:
Vision Aid Overseas, 12, The Bell Centre, Manor Royal, Crawley, RH 10 2F2.  T: 01293 535 016    W: www.vao.org.uk
(Sorting and packing these provides work for UK prisoners).




The Shirehall, Guide Dogs for the Blind, Oxfam and Red Cross shops will receive them. Also, to help save the endangered albatross, Pontesbury post office. Or send UK and foreign stamps separately to: RSPB stamps, PO Box 6198, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, LU7 9XT. Also, local charity Omega care for life (see coins and currency for details)

Tea Bags

Annually we use 60.2 billion tea bags. You may not be aware that some tea bags contain PLASTIC. All conventional tea bag brands use polypropylene, a sealing plastic, to keep them from falling apart.

DON'T COMPOST them, not in your own compost bin or with food waste. (Tea pigs,Twinings Loose Leaf,Pukka Herbs,Aldi's Special Selection, and Waitrose Duchy brands are OK ). Clipper -The Fairtrade co. will launch a completely plastic-free tea bag once current stocks are sold - to reduce waste.

You could always cut open the bag to compost the spent tea, or buy loose leaf and use a diffuser or teapot.

Telephone Directories

Can go in the kerbside paper boxes and paper banks, along with Yellow Pages.


See Home and Garden section.


 & other brands of paper-based Liquid Food & Drinks Cartons, There used to be  skips at around 25 sites in Shropshire.  Now, all that remain are  the 5 main Household Recycling Centres for Shropshire, as they were removed, along with all the other bring banks, as a cost- and rubbish-removing decision by the Shropshire County Council.  They can't be recycled with the kerbside cardboard and paper.

Textiles and Clothes

Take  clean clothing, bedlinen and  textiles - even clean rags and shoes to Charity shops, where they are bought by the public for re-use  or sold on to textile dealers who sort for re-use or recycling.  Or put in textile skips at supermarkets, or at Battlefield HRC .
(Please don’t put in duvets or pillows or rugs – these could be offered to Home Essentials, if in good condition, or local dog’s homes.)

Seconds Out, Bomere Heath, Shrewsbury SY4 3AP.  T: 01939 290272 have been collecting in bulk for 30 years, (from charity shops, car boots sales and in the past, jumble sales) - clean clothes, rags, bedlinen and shoes, mostly for reuse in developing countries.



These used to be made of paper - nowadays, and not many people realize this, they are coated with a toxic plastic, to thermally print,as opposed to using inks!  So, please bin them, don't compost or recycle them, and ideally don't even handle, but if you have to, wash the fibres off your skin.  And don't give them to little kids to play with!

tin (steel) cans

The brilliant thing about both steel and aluminium cans is that they can be recycled and processed into cans again, infinitely recyclable, with no loss of quality.  Tin cans are magnetic, made of steel plate, heavier than aluminium, cheaper to mine, and good at containing acidic foods like tomatoes. They've been around since 1810.  REcycle them, washed, at the kerbside collection. Also aerosol cans.

Tools & Sewing Machines

Tools and sewing machines, especially hand machines – are refurbished and sent to Africa by Tools for Self Reliance  -  01743 341912  -  John Riley. For  South Shropshire -  01588 640550.

Tools are sent to particular projects, who train local artisans in vocational, business and life skills.  This enables them to start their own business or find employment.  Those projects promote self-worth and empower people to work themselves out of poverty - providing a sustainable long-term solution to themselves and their families.

See a list of tools the charity accepts on website.



see Toy Library above, and  in Family & Leisure section. Or charity shops. Also Battlefield HRC.


Can be recycled at the Household Recycling Centres e.g Battlefield. Never ever burn old tyres, they give off toxic fumes. If you buy new, the supplier should take your old ones and correctly dispose

Water Filters

All parts of the Brita Cartridge are 100% recyclable - Argos, Meole Brace, can receive them (and old catalogues) for recycling. www.brita.co.uk
Also Dunelm, Sundorne Retail Park and Boots.

Wellie Boots

Plastic or rubber, put  in clothes recycling banks

Wood & Timber

Take used wood to Battlefield HRC for recycling, or reuse.
Shropshire Community Wood Recycling. (Phone first). 01939 235701   M: 07999 576054  E: SCWoodRecycling@googlemail.com  -  based in Whitchurch, collects over 20-mile radius, sell wood, recycle and make wooden garden items. 
 Pallets to Palaces - http//: www.palletstopalaces.co.uk tell you how to make beds, boxes etc from salvaged wooden pallets.

Headway Shropshire, Holsworth Park, Oxon Business Park, Shrewsbury SY3 5HJ    01743 365271 need good wood (not MDF) for their woodwork workshop to make bird boxes, small toys, etc.

NEW - the Woodstore, 25 Upper Dock St,  Newport (S.Wales) T: 02920 519000 sells all things made with recycled wood by adults with learning difficulties.

Shed-Masters, 6 Centurion Park, Kendal Road, SY1 4EH. 01743 466328
Sells wooden containers for 2 bins and recycling boxes.

Jesent (local) make recycling box stores, composters, wooden units,  07527 899008 .


Easy to waste at this time, make your own presents, recycle wrappings, buy recycled goods.

See  www.foe.co.uk/shop or  0207 490 1555
to buy a pack of FoE’s sticky labels to put over last year’s cards and re-send.  Put out with kerbside paper collection.

Christmas Trees
Annually, we buy (and later discard) 5 million of these! Buy a rooted tree for replanting, or, afterwards, leave out for the kerbside garden waste collection - please note: their max. length needs to be 5’ or 1.5m.

Yellow Pages

Can be recycled along with your normal paper.

Yoghurt Pots

Yoghurt pots and tops can now be recycled with plastic bottles at your kerbside collection.

Zero Waste - part of Cwm Harry

This is what we should be striving for – many towns, cities and countries (including Bishops Castle in Shropshire and Presteigne, just over the border) have made this their ambition – why not Shrewsbury? This movement is growing, globally -  it is for local small-scale, community-led initiatives, based on questioning consumption, reducing waste, and reusing and  recycling everything - nature doesn't waste a thing!           

ZERO WASTE PRESTEIGNE and NORTON, just over the border - the 2012 Community Recycler of the Year award winners achieve nearly 80% of domestic waste, by slow recycling, with very community-based involvement.  See their inspiring website, at Cwm Harry, who have developed a closed-loop economy.