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local People often ask –
“What happens to all our waste, is it all being recycled?”
Yes it does, and here’s where, and it’s virtually all in the UK!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Batteries to G&P Batteries Ltd,  Darlaston,   Smelted into new materials.

Cans - sorted at Four Ashes MRF, then Novelis  - steel and aluminium mills for re-manufacture.

Cardboard - Saica Mill, Manchester - reprocessed into new cardboard packaging

Fridges to Aquaforce near Wolverhampton - stripped and decontaminated before metals and other components recycled.

Garden waste -  Various green waste farms - for compost.

Glass to Four Ashes/Gilmoss MRF initially for sorting then to Veolia St. Helens for re-processing - to use in the manufacture of insulation material.

Paper - initially for separation to AM Recycling, then to UPM Paper Mill to be recycled into more paper.

Plastic bottles and plastic pots, tubs and trays to Four Ashes/Gilmosss for sosrting, then Veolia, Rainham and recyckled into various grades of plastic used to make new products.

Textiles & Shoes to JMP Wilcox, reused and lower grade textiles recycled into industrial wiping products, flock rags or mixed felt material. 

Wood – to Veolia Bristol where wood from variojs sources is shredded and sorted into good clean recyclable wood which ends up at places like Kronospan in Chirk to make 'green' energy in dedicated biomass power plant.

TVs to Recycling Lives - stripped and decontaminated before metals and other components recycled. (a social enterprise in Preston, Lancs)

Tetra Pak  to Printwaste, where separated and compnents (fibres, plastic and aluminium) sent to reporcessors.