What makes Shrewsbury special, is the amount of independent shops that have managed to flourish and remain here,even in the face of difficult economic times. Decisions we make, about how and what and where we shop will have a huge effect on how the town looks in the future.  If we don't want it to become a ghost town, we have to be prepared to come in, preferably by using public transport, and use the shops, Market, pubs and restaurants, and celebrate the range of architecture and diversity, and that keeps our money within the town.  If we shop in the big 'faceless five' supermarkets, the money we spend does not stay local, and there are huge transportation and environmental costs, as goods are  moved  around the country. 

Do browse the other sections of this guide, there's lots in the Food and Building and Recycling  sections as well.  See:-

  •  Close the door run a brilliant campaign to put a stop to heating pavements and wasting energy in the form of heat, simply by persuading shops to close their doors!  The Carbon Trust says 54% of heat from a store is wasted, by going straight out of the door.  Research says that customers are prepared to open doors into shops, and that closed doors have a minimum impact on sales! 


Abbey Hardware

Wonderful Hardware local shop....surprising what you can find here!  and they will give you the exact number you large packets!

15 Abbey Foregate

Beyond Skin

Vegan  shoes/ ethical footwear.

01273 778837

Blue Lemon

Shop on High St. selling Natural Soaps and Skincare products which are free from Palm Oil, Sulphates and Preservatives........handcrafted in Store

48 High St.

By Nature

The first 100% organic maternity range and general organic clothing for adults and children.

0845 4633835

clothing repairs

Stitch in Time, Mardol, Shrewsbury.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Altered Image, St. Mary's St.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            The Sewing Machine, 10-11 High St.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Shrewsbury Top Tailoring. Lower Ground Floor, Pride Hill Shopping Centre.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


Dr.Hauschka Elysia

Skincare products made with biodynamic ingredients

Wyle Cop

Elegance Natural Skin Care

Local Whitchurch company, sometimes in the markets in the Square, selling loads of creams, sometimes made of goats milk or honey,  that are good for skin conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis, etc.



No longer a shop in the town, they are still available on line ! Organic, ethically sourced and produced, range of fashion clothing made from soya, bamboo, hemp etc.,  plus handmade cosmetics and vegan/cruelty free perfumes 

Entertaining Elephants

Wholefoods and local breads. Fair trade rugs and goods

Church Stretton
01694 723922


A marketplace for fair and sustainable goods , owned by its users

follow the river

Original eco-friendly clothing


Green Shoes

Hand made . Have a vegan range, and will resole their shoes. Run workshops.

01647 440735


Shop and mail order:
Eco goods and garments.

01803 868002 or 0845 330 3440


Ethical & Fairtrade Fashion and Jewellery.

84 Wyle Cop
01743 588690

Iron & Rose

Small stall in the market hall, Shrewsbury.

Sells organic sustainable ethical; Wine, Coffee and Tea, inc loose tea.

Market Hall


There may be some family jewellery, or buy from antique shops or commission local skilled crafts people to make bespoke jewellery, 
or choose ethically-mined and sold gold - this makes a lot of difference to the lives of miners and their communities.

Natural Collection,

Lots of clothes, toys, household goods and cosmetics, mail order.

0845 3677 003 (or order at 0845 3677 001)

Neal's Yard

Ethical, Organic, Beauty and health products.

42 High St.
01743 235291

Organic Textile Company

 Organic, fair trade cotton fabric shop. Mail order too..

12 Heol Penrallt
01654 702463

People Tree

Fair trade fashion and organic clothes online catalogue

0800 1110314


PETA People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

They say ‘ Animals are NOT ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment or abuse in any way.’ Peta is a American organisation campaigning for cruelty-free clothing, animal friendly lifestyles. They say – keep wildlife out of your wardrobe (leather and fur).

Since March 2013, experiments on animals for cosmetics have been banned in the EU.


greengrocer and grocery, some organic, some local. Refills Ecover cleaning products. Some kitchenware and assorted goodies.  Now have a veg and fruit box delivery scheme.

1-2 Castle Gates
01743 366660

Positive Money

Organisation that campaigns against the control and creation of the money supply by the private banks which it regards as the fundamental cause of the big issues of today including climate change

Try out a Bamboo toothbrush. Completely recyclable!


can be repaired and resoled, at a fraction of the original purchase cost. Most charity shops or clothes banks will be able to reuse or recycle them. Or Clarks, in Pride Hill Shopping Centre, will recycle for UNICEF.

Shrewsbury Fairtrade Stall in Indoor Market Hall

Sells ethical produce from developing countries, run by volunteers. Tue,wed,Fri & Sat 9-30 to 4-00

supporting Fairtrade throughout the county of Shropshire.  Email 


Stall 14 Indoor Market Hall
01743 365591

Snapdragon Wholefoods

Sells lots of ethically produced  foods in small or large quantities.

Good choice of dry herbs and spices .Can buy very small amounts of spices, herbs and loose herbal teas  etc

Also organic flours, natural toothpaste and soaps wrapped in paper, and deodorants in cardboard, not plastic. 

Unit 24,
Shrewsbury Market.

The Hemp Trading Company

Sells  hemp and bamboo and wind-farmed organic cotton fabric  T Shirts for women and men.

Vegetarian Shoes

 Leather-free shoes for men and women, shop and mail order.

01273 685685


Clothing, bric-a-brac, antiques

-  Stalls in  Shrewsbury Market
-  Shrewsbury Antique Centre;Princess House, The Square, Shrewsbury, SY1 1JZ. T: 01743 247 704
-   Riverside Mall, Shrewsbury.  T:07964 151511. 
-  for car boot sales and jumble sales, see the local papers

Wenlock Edge Farm Shop

Products from Wenkock Edge Farm (Meats) plus ,fresh meat, eggs, milk, cheese ,bread, veg........

Plus locally produced (Longville) Shropshire County Oils and other local goodies.

Smithfield Road
01743 344464

Woodfield Stores

Sells local produce and goods as well as some Suma whole foods.

Has a small fresh coffee bar with tables outside and inside.

52, Woodfield Rd


Hair stylists who sell Aveda bodycare products, and less harmfull hair colourings

38 St. John's Hill,
01743 369063


Have won The Fashion and Accessory category at the Observer Ethical Awards - they make panama hats, and also bags which are made in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia - Fairtrade, sustainable environmental practices.

01335 300 003