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There is a saying – don‟t put anything on your face or body that wouldn't be safe and good for you to eat – for over 1,000 chemicals currently involved in the manufacture of cosmetics, toiletries and sanitary products may have harmful effects. As does the waste and energy involved in their packaging, manufacture and disposal.  Since March 2013, experiments on animals for cosmetics have been banned in the EU.

Simplify your use, look very carefully at the ingredients and for the logo of the Soil Association. Weleda, Aveda,Neals Yard Remedies and Green People are safer toiletry options. ( In conventional cosmetics, there are dangerous chemicals like hormone-disrupting parabens, and aluminium in deodorants, excessive sweetness in toothpastes).

Sanitary Protection Choose non-chlorine bleached, organic cotton sanitary protection items.  Better still ,try a Mooncup, ( available from Boots, a re-useable silicone alternative, to save on the 11,000 tampons or pads a woman uses in her lifetime, that might  end up in the sea, on beaches or landfill.  For the same reason, bin condoms and cotton buds rather than flush as so many plastics are swallowed inadvertently by marine animals.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

The packs surrounding the contraceptive pill can be recycled if aluminium. 

You can take old cosmetics to Battlefield HRC for safer disposal.


Enjoy- Living Naturally and The Herbarium  and Snapdragon (Market Hall)  all sell safer toiletries, and will advise, sometimes locally made.
(see Health section)

Teeth:- check ingredients, some toothpastes contain sugar, or harsh chemicals or fluoride, which some people don't want. (See - 50 reasons to oppose fluoridation, and how safe is it in children's toothpaste).

The Natural Collection - W:  sell mail order cosmetices and toothbrushes with replaceable heads, to help cut waste.
Google in toothpaste soap for a different kind of toothpaste!

See the very useful  www.thestoryofcosmetics.ora  to understand the pollution involved in the manufacture and use of cosmetics.


Blue Lemon

Shop on High St. selling Natural Soaps and Skincare products which are free from Palm Oil, Sulphates and Preservatives........handcrafted in Store

48 High St.

Dr.Hauschka Elysia

Skincare products made with biodynamic ingredients

Wyle Cop

Elegance Natural Skin Care

Local Whitchurch company, sometimes in the markets in the Square, selling loads of creams, sometimes made of goats milk or honey,  that are good for skin conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis, etc.



No longer a shop in the town, they are still available on line ! Organic, ethically sourced and produced, range of fashion clothing made from soya, bamboo, hemp etc.,  plus handmade cosmetics and vegan/cruelty free perfumes 


Shop and mail order:
Eco goods and garments.

01803 868002 or 0845 330 3440


Hair stylists who sell Aveda bodycare products, and less harmfull hair colourings

38 St. John's Hill,
01743 369063