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SHOES - The manufacture of leather shoes is often polluting and bad for worker’s health - choose hemp or canvas, or natural dyes in leathers as alternatives

Beyond Skin

Vegan  shoes/ ethical footwear.

01273 778837

Clothes And Shoes

All parts of textiles and shoes, bags and belts can be recycled and reused – even into industrial rags or underfelt, so never just bin them. Give good quality clean items to Jumble sales or charity shops, for reuse and resale, and thus fundraising, or second-best place them in clothing skips at supermarket recycling centres, and at Battlefield HRC, which also has a skip for
- Bras - recycled for Cancer Research or take them to M&S who pass them on to Oxfam.

- H & M, Castle St, Shrewsbury, will receive and recycle your old clean clothes, proceeds going to charities. They have an organic range.



Green Shoes

Hand made . Have a vegan range, and will resole their shoes. Run workshops.

01647 440735


can be repaired and resoled, at a fraction of the original purchase cost. Most charity shops or clothes banks will be able to reuse or recycle them. Or Clarks, in Pride Hill Shopping Centre, will recycle for UNICEF.

Vegetarian Shoes

 Leather-free shoes for men and women, shop and mail order.

01273 685685

Wellie Boots

Plastic or rubber, put  in clothes recycling banks